Wildflowers on Mosier Plateau (Go! Now!)

    Mother’s Day was a goodie this year. With the wildflowers in full bloom, we headed down the Columbia River Gorge to Mosier. I had heard great things about the wildflowers on the Mosier Plateau, and the experience did not disappoint. My interest in this particular trail was piqued by our school crossing guard who told me of the crazy wildflowers she saw just a few days before. I took her advice and now, you should take mine: for the love of all things good and wild, GO! NOW!

    Mosier Plateau Trail Details:

    • Trail Distance: Approximately 3.5 miles, out and back
    • Elevation Gain: 600 feet
    • Highlights: view of the Columbia Gorge, Pioneer Cemetery, view of Mosier Creek Falls and WILDFLOWERS
    • Time to hike: it took us 2 hours, which allowed for plenty of time to explore offshoot trails on the top of the plateau, watch for bald eagles and have a snack break.
    • Drive from Portland: 1 hour 15 minutes

    While I wanted to see the wildflowers, I also needed to find a trail that worked for my kids and their little legs. The Mosier Plateau trail was perfect!

    (Aside: The Friends of the Columbia Gorge website was a great resource as I looked into the details of the hike.)

    It’s an out and back hike. The plateau is about a 600 foot climb, so you get that tough part out of the way and are rewarded with an amazing view, breeze and more wildflowers than you can shake a hiking stick at. Along the way you’ll pass by a small cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery) with VERY old headstones. And just pass that is Mosier Creek Falls. Rumor has it, you can take a dip in one of the pools in the warmer months. I saw a small trail leading towards the highest pool and would have been tempted to dip if had been warmer. From there you climb switchbacks and stairs to the top of the plateau and the wildflower jackpot. The trail meanders through the plateau allowing for plenty of space for exploration, gazing over the gorge and wild bird watching.

    Before heading back to Portland, we made a stop at the Hood River Waterfront. If you haven’t been, the Waterfront Park is a great spot to chill with the fam. And across the street are two great food spots – Solstice and Pfriem. We hung out there while we waited for our table at Solstice Cafe across the street.

    It was an awesome day and I cannot wait to do it again next Spring… with three babes in tow!

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