10 Healthy, Delicious and Trusty Snacks for Kids

10 Healthy, Delicious and Trusty Snacks for Kids

10 Healthy, Delicious and Trusty Snacks for Kids

It’s a universal truth that kids love to snack. It’s a good thing too because their active, growing (and wild) bodies need nutrients galore. So, I encourage my kids to eat between meals.

It’s also a universal truth that preparing healthy, delicious and convenient snacks for kids is not as easy as it sounds.

Now, there are snack options galore to tempt us nutrient-conscious caretakers, but who really wants their kid ingesting 25 grams of sugar during snack time? If you’re willing to open your wallet wide enough, you can buy crazy nutrient rich and convenient snacks at your local Whole Foods. But a days worth of those snacks will cost you more than a sashimi dinner. I’ll take the sashimi, thank you very much!

Caretakers, we’re in a bit of a pickle. We want to give our kids delicious, nutrient rich snacks, but we also want to be sensible in terms of convenience and cost.

What we feed our kids matters. It’s one of the many opportunities we set our kids up for success. They’re growing, moving, learning, interacting and they need the appropriate fuel. Taste is a factor, but nutrition is a nonnegotiable.

At the same time, we want to cultivate a healthy relationship between our kids and food. (Wow, whole other topic… one that I don’t have my grip on yet.) The best thing we can do for our kids is teach them about food and what it does for our bodies, rather than list rules that they MUST follow. And moderation in all things, my friends. My goal is to help my kid eat their best so that they feel their best. To be continued…

In the past few years, I have honed my snack-prep skills. Here are a few healthy, convenient and sensible favorites that the Bodenettes happily eat.

10 Healthy, Delicious and Trusty Snacks for Kids 

Fruit and vegetables are at the top of the list for obvious reasons (nutritional content and convenience). ALWAYS start with fruit and veggies.

  1. Vegetables – My kids like sliced carrots and cucumber chips (sliced cucumbers). Vera and I fight over sliced red bell peppers. I always win.
  2. Fruit – My kids have yet to meet a fruit they didn’t like. Praise. The. Lord. Grapes, apples, peaches, pears, blueberries, bananas, watermelon, cherries, etc are a win.
  3. Hummus – My two gals can put hummus away, big time. They like it with veggies, crackers or spoons (literally).
  4. Crackers and Pretzels- Rice crackers, rice cakes, whole wheat crackers and the occasional cheese cracker make a daily appearance. It seems impossible for me to have goldfish around without eating the whole carton myself, so that is the main reason I keep them away. TJ’s peanut butter filled pretzels fall into “can’t control myself” category too. So, I buy the whole wheat pretzel sticks from Trader Joe’s instead. Sorry kids.
  5. ZBars – These organic, high fructose corn syrup-free bars are delicious. My kids would eat these all day long if I allowed it. But, at $0.50-$0.75 a piece, they’re a little pricy for high consumption. A perfect “treat” snack for a special outing. Fun Balls are another option – I try and keep some on hand in the freezer for a quick snack on the go.
  6. Yogurt – At home, my kids eat plain greek yogurt that I sweeten with honey. When we’re on the go, I pack yogurt squeezers. I typically buy the Organic Yogurt Squeezers from Trader Joes. I keep them in the freezer so they stay cold and fresh for a few hours when we’re on the go.
  7. Cheese Sticks – I choose organic most of the time, but not always. My house is divided over cheddar cheese sticks and string cheese, so I mix it up and sometimes buy both.
  8. Nuts – Almonds and pistachios are two favorites in my house.
  9. Turkey Jerky – My kids eat it like it’s their job. I buy a few packs a week and we go through it quickly.
  10. Smoothies – We do a lot of smoothies in the Bodie house. Smoothies are a great place to add fat, vegetables and protein to a kid’s diet. Spinach + almond butter + banana + almond milk is always a hit with my kids. The Pink Flamingo smoothie at Nektar is $3 for a kids size. It’s a super awesome pink and my kids think its the best thing ever… I totally agree.

Let’s talk about juice real quick. Generally speaking, my kids don’t drink juice. (OMG as I wrote that last sentence, Reece (my 3 year old) just asked me for some juice. What the what?!) Occasionally, I’ll spring for a juice box. I recently found Honest Kids Juice on sale at Target and have been using them to bribe my kids for the past few days. Mwwaahaaaaaaaa.

Fellow mamas and caretakers, do you have any nutrient-rich, convenient and sensible snacks to share with us? I would love to add some variety into my routine with a new item. Do share!

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