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  1. Well + Good, have we talked about this awesome health/fitness/beauty/wellness blog before? Even though they have an NYC focus, I follow them for tips and tricks. Plus, they just launched an “Anywhere” newsletter that branches out to news beyond NYC. Because, how else are you going to hear about what happens in co-ed naked yoga classes, SoulCycle behaving like a Mean Girl and 9 foods to eat to reduce bloating?
  2. Rachel Brathen (aka @yoga_girl) is one of my favorite yogis on Instagram. She is genuine, encouraging, authentic to the core, impressive, beautiful and full of wisdom. She just launched a monthly newsletter (sign up here)! and follow her on Instagram for daily doses of love/yoga/beauty.
  3. My husband just stole my hobby! Check out Salt for the Sea to read about communication and connection. #superproud
  4. I would love to do a few mountain climbers in these guys. Like, NOW.
  5. What about Mother’s Day? It’s coming round the mountain! I’m taking my mom on a Namaste Date this weekend – Yoga 101 at Ekam Yoga, followed by a post-asana lunch. I cannot wait to introduce my mom to the wonderful studio and the life-changing practice of yoga! Namaste, Mama!
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