Birthday Cake for Little Big Girl

My little Reece turned four years old today! It was a lovely day for a birthday up here in PNW which meant: balloons, streamers, pancakes, candles, zoo, juice, hot dogs, new bike, science experiments in the back yard, BBQ, cake decorating, candles, presents, indoor bike-riding and finally bedtime at 9pm. A fun packed day for my little big girl.

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Aside:Is it just me or do any of you mamas get more crazy excited for your kid’s birthdays than your own? I could barely sleep last night and was out of bed at 3am moving presents around and fussing with streamers.

Anyways, it’s hard to believe that four years ago today, contractions started and…. KIDDING. I won’t bore you/scare you into never giving birth like that. Instead, let’s talk about her birthday dessert since it was off the chart delicious.

For her birthday dessert Reece asked for chocolate cake with white frosting and strawberries and pink sprinkles and honeydew. It all sounded perfect, except for the honeydew part, which she agreed to have on the side instead. She also asked to make the cake with me. I decided to forgo the boxed cake routine and try making a healthier chocolate cake from scratch. After checking out a few recipes, I decided to go with the chocolate cake recipe from It’s All Good. Being as it was a new recipe for me, and I cannot remember the last time I made a cake, let alone one from scratch, I made the executive decision to bake the cake last night (solo. With wine.) This afternoon Reece and I made the frosting and decorated it together, which was super fun.

The cake was super moist, very chocolaty and just sweet enough. Without spelling it all out, it used brown rice syrup and maple syrup as the sweetener. Other ingredients included grapeseed oil and spelt flour. So, the high quality ingredients made it a better-for-you dessert. I made whipped cream and used that as the “frosting”, adding a little vanilla and maple syrup for flavor. We garnished with fruit and ended up forgetting the sprinkles.

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I think I will do the whole whipped cream as frosting and fruit as decor thing again. It kept the cake the main attraction since there wasn’t an intense frosting competing for sweetness. Thankfully my daughter shares my taste and inherited my love for chocolate.

Cheers, to Reece!

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    04/20/2015 at 3:36 am

    Happy Birthday to her!! I do the same thing, make the cake and let my little one help with the frosting and toppings. 🙂 So much easier that way and he’s happy with it!

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    Brenda Carrillo
    04/20/2015 at 11:22 am

    Looks yummy!

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    04/21/2015 at 4:04 am

    you’re gorgeous! and your daughter is super adorable! xx

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