Chomping at the bit for normal clothes (i.e. postpartum fashion)

I was getting dressed the other morning, putting on one of my five pregnancy wardrobe options, and one of my daughters joined me in the closet to give her two cents.

She: Really? That dress again?

Me: Yup.

She: I’d prefer (her word, not mine) if you wore these for a change… tugging on my favorite pair of Levi’s.

Me: I know, girl. I know. Me too.

After several months of accommodating the baby bump, I am so darn excited to just dress normal. And while I know that it’s still months out, I do see a light at the end of this tunnel! And in that light, there is a gal dressed casually in denim and a boxy tee.

After my first daughter was born, I was so surprised by the trick that is postpartum dressing. The false assumption that since the bump is gone vacant, the wardrobe options are wide open was quickly realized. The thing is, the bump may be void of a baby, but it still likes to grace us with its presence for a while (dammit). So, there’s that. Then, there’s the even bigger issues (two of them to be precise) of lactating boobs.

Consider Exhibit DD below… actually, no. I can’t put that image on the internet. Just imagine a couple of Grand Tetons. Isaac took a photo of them on Easter shortly after Reece was born. We captioned it, “They have risen!”

What sort of wardrobe accommodates such mountainous creatures? Seriously? The tops I own are made for a non-cleavage sporting, small B. I’ve got u-necks, v-necks and slim tees. There’s no room for this sort of radical volcanic activity! I guess it’d be a different story if I enjoyed teenaged boys shouting, “Look at those titties!” from moving vehicles as I stroll down the sidewalk with my baby. But, I don’t have time/energy to simmer down from the sort of rage that ensues.

Aside: can you tell how much I love sporting big boobs?

So, I’m already strategizing on how maintain a look I’m comfortable with while still providing nip access to the nursing babe. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing a shit ton of button-down’s… the struggle will be keeping those buttons from busting. Oye vey. I might need to size up and even dig into Isaac’s closet.

There are a few pieces from Everlane that fit the bill in both style and price that I’m eyeing. One of them is silk… do you think breastmilk and silk would be a high maintenance mix? Maybe I’ll just stick with a straight forward oxford/poplin button up. If you have suggestions that go beyond the button-up sort, send them my way!

Boobs aside, I know exactly what I am going to do as soon as the baby bump takes a hike. The week before I found out I was pregnant with this little surprise gem, I received some amazing pants in the mail from Everlane. I could not wait to wear the hell out of them. A fresh silhouette to spice up my wardrobe while still providing all the comfort and ease that I love. Well, a growing belly is no match for high-rise, wide-leg crops. So, with a tear in my eye, I returned them and vowed to reorder as soon as my post baby bod was ready for some fresh digs. That day is fast approaching… Mama’s comin’ for you, Wide Leg Crops! Mama’s comin’.

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