Equinox Raises the Bar

On Saturday, I went to the gym for the first time in almost a year. I was visiting my in-laws in Thousand Oaks area and was too much of a wuss to run in the heat, which is my go to when visiting. Instead, I left the Bodenettes with Grandma and Grandpa and left in search of an indoor studio/gym with a killer AC.

Now, as most of you know, I primarily workout in my garage or at the park, with sun blazing and toddlers in tow. So, being in an air conditioned space with company of other adults is a change of scene for me. Well, the gym I stumbled into was none other than Equinox (which seems much more like a W Hotel than a gym). They recently opened the Westlake Village location and they were kind enough to let me drop in for a few hours to check things out.

Photo Source: Equinox.com

Photo Source: Equinox.com

Photo Source: Equinox.com

Photo Source: Equinox.com

I had never been to an Equinox before. It reminded me of a recent trip to Angel’s Stadium. Living near Angel Stadium my whole life, I have attended my fair share of Angel’s games. (Whether I enjoy going to them is another story.) Anyways, Isaac was gifted four tickets by an old friend from business school. So, we invited two of our best friends and headed to the game on a Friday night. Having no idea what kind of seats we had, we just flashed the tickets at the gate and followed instructions on where to go. After a series of escalators, long hallways and velvet ropes, we ended up in what I am going to call Stadium Heaven. This place, my goodness! Our soft, black leather seats pulled up to a bar that was directly behind home plate. We were greeted with wine and fed grapes by our private attendant… not quite, but they did serve us custom made sashimi, salads, meats, fruits and desserts. Never have I enjoyed a baseball game like that. Ever. And at the end of the night, I declared it the only way to attend a baseball game. It raised the bar, big time.

Equinox is like that. It’s a totally different gym experience… one that I feel marginally out of place in, but thats for another post. I have grown up in local gyms and my expectations have been few: clean, spacious and not-creepy. But, Equinox is another species of gym and sets an entirely new bar.

I felt like I was in a giant, clean, stylish master bathroom full of exercise equipment. The place was awesome. I stood in front of the three flat screen TVs in the lobby that listed the classes for the day and debated on what to do. There were options and I didn’t even need a reservation. Glory! I ended up taking two group classes and spending some time working with my old friend, the Stairmill. Oh, it was a wonderful change of scenery from my daily workout routine.

Once I wrapped up the workout, I hit the locker room just to check it out. First off, it smelled wonderfully like a spa. There were neatly organized towels, Q-tips, razors and Kiehl’s products (hello!!!) on the counters. Having not brought an extra pair of clothes, I debated on showering and driving home in one of their plush towels. I just wanted to stay in that locker room for hours and take toddler-free shower after shower after shower. Instead, I sat on one of the benches, soaked it all in and dreamt of the shower I would take on my next visit.

Before taking off, I grabbed a cold pressed juice and Quest Bar at the restaurant in the lobby. $11 – what a steal. Ha, it may have been pricey but it couldn’t have been a more perfect or convenient post workout snack.

Equinox Westlake, thanks for hosting my workout. Until next time, stay awesome.

What’s your nearest Equinox location? Go! Check it out. And be sure to stay for the shower!

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    I just looked and there is a newport beach one! And they have a “calm and beautiful lap pool surrounded by cabanas.” When are we going?!

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