Fun Buns Friday

My morning workout today targeted my buns and thighs. I had limited time, so I worked out in my home gym (family room) using 5 lb dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a laptop. It was a fun workout for my buns and thighs and got me sweating.

The Fun Buns workout included three guided exercise segments from: Bob Harper, Tone It Up, and Sarah Fit. While each workout is great as a stand alone as a compliment to a cardio session, they are even better combined to create a 45 minute booty and thigh burner routine. To maximize the impact, I chose to start with one that would increase my heart rate immediately and left the fine toning for last.

  • I started with My Trainer Bob’s Glute Challenge on the Cardio Challenge DVD. This 13 minute workout is a great way to get the heart rate up because of the repetitive squats and lunges. I held a 5 lb dumbbell in each hand and by then end my glutes were feeling it and I was sweating. Besides, have I mentioned how much I love Bob Harper?


  • I continued with Tone It Up’s Hula Booty Workout from the Beach Babe 2 DVD. This 20+ minute workout includes both strength training elements and fine toning. I held my 5 lb dumbbells the entire time in effort to keep my heart rate up. My favorite move is the Flamingo… a beautiful killer.


  • Lastly, I completed two rounds of Sarah Fit’s Fitness Fusion Inner Thigh and Glute Workout on YouTube. Each of the exercises are focused on fine toning the booty and inner thighs. Since my muscles were already worked from the first 35 minutes, these moves felt really hard. Since Sarah does not complete all of the repetitions in her video, I kept the laptop close and paused it after each instruction she gave.
  • Finally, I stretched my lower body for five minutes (along with my oldest toddler).

I enjoyed the diversity of moves and instructors as I focused on one muscle group. I think I will try this combination approach again with other muscle groups. There is SO MUCH available now online that exercising at home does not need to mean following along with the same old workout video over and over (sorry Jane Fonda and Denise Austin).

Do you workout at home? How do you feel about sweating in your house? Does it bother you? (It kind of grosses me out, but I am getting over it.)

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