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When it comes to being active, the right gear can often make or break the experience. I have an armor of go-to gear that I can be sure will allow me to enjoy myself and focus on my performance both indoors and outdoors. Without further ado…

 Nate's Gear.001

Disclaimer: I am fully aware (and totally okay with the fact) that I have some brand loyalty going on in the Nike department.

  1. Frogskin Sunglasses by Oakley: First, I must admit that I will always and forever be a wireframe lover. Wireframes (like my trusty Ray Ban aviators) are only practical about 25% of the time though. I need something more substantial that can stand up to the daily beating, bouncing, running, grabbing, etc. that my glasses endure. I just got a pair of these earlier this year and have been so happy with them. They are lightweight, comfortable and durable. Vera has literally ripped them apart and I was able to snap them back together without any trouble. They don’t look ultra athletic and are reasonably priced too.

  2. Nike Pro Sports Bra: I have two favorite sports bras; one for indoors and one for outdoors. This is my indoor go-to because of the great support, dry fit fabric and decent coverage. The dry fit fabric is perfect for those ultra sweaty indoor workouts and the neckline assures me that nobody is getting a glimpse of nothing. It is decently priced too.

  3. Fly Away Tamer by Lululemon: This is my favorite headband at the current moment. Depending on my bang situation, I go between this one and a few trusty Nike headbands. This one does the trick and stays in place. It handles moisture well and I can literally wring out the sweat post-workout. Mostly for effect and to gross out a certain friend of mine (you know who you are).

  4. Nike Featherlight Visor: If this visor could talk, she would say, “Yes, I look nerdy. I may even make you look nerdy. But, I promise I will make you comfortable and happy. You will never want to part from me.” I have had this same blue visor longer than I have had my husband. For 10+ years it has kept the sun out, my hair back, and my head cool. It is really tough to beat the function of this sporty number, so I don’t even try.

  5. BOB Revolution SE: I own both a single and double BOB and I love them both. I adoringly refer to them as my “freedom trailers”. With my BOB I can go anywhere and do anything. My kids nap in it, laugh in it, eat in it, serve timeouts in it, etc. It is right up there with a crib and carseat in my top 3 baby gear items. The thought of having more kids than fit into a BOB stresses me out… and we will wait to have another child until either: 1) BOB makes a triple or 2) Reece (my two year old) can run along side of me.

  6. Run: Speed Short by Lululemon: I have yet to find a more comfortable and cute pair of shorts to workout and run in. With a 2 ½ inch inseam, these are on the shorter side. For me, the shorter the better because I wear these shorts like a never nude and therefore have a permanent shorts tan. They are very lightweight and cool. The $54 price is about $15 more than most other running short options, but on a cost per use basis, I really cannot complain. I have two pairs now and I dream of the day that dozens of these shorts line my drawer in fun colors and patterns to choose from.

  7. Incase Sports Armband Delux: I almost exclusively workout and run with music. Until a few months ago, I HELD my phone in my HAND during all indoor and outdoor workouts. Why was I avoiding the inevitable (buying an awesome armband)? I have no idea. I love the Incase armband I picked up at the Apple store. It has the flexibility of clipping onto your clothes or strapping onto your arm. BTW, please remind me never to clip it onto my clothes.

  8. Fanny Pack: Yeah, you read that right. Fanny. Pack. This is a gym staple. It’s roomy enough for the small essentials, but small enough to wear around without much bother. Gosh darn these things are so practical! Occasionally, I even wear it outside of the gym when I feel like embarrassing my husband. By the way, my fanny pack is the “Dane Reynolds Signature Fanny Pack” by Quiksilver and pretty much defines “cool”. It’s similar to this one here.

  9. Free To Be Bra by Lululemon: This is my favorite sports bra for outdoor use. It is low cut in the front and has less coverage in the back, which helps me avoid a tan line that makes me look like a member of the swim team. It is a bit more pricy than my Nike flavor, but on a cost per use basis, I cannot complain. The colors ways are always fun and punchy too.

  10. Nike Free Running Shoe 5.0: In my early twenties, I wore whatever shoes my dad would give me for Christmas every year. I wore Asic and Saucony mainly, because that is what was wrapped under the tree. Once I realized that shoes impact running form and mechanics, I started to get a bit more discinering about my shoe preference. After consulting my favorite Physical Therapist (and BFF) I tried out Nike Frees back in 2010. I have never gone back. I love them.

  11. Nike Yoga Mat: I have had this yoga mat for over 10 years and am not sure they even sell it anymore. It has a nice little bag that keeps it contained. It’s nothing special, but I really like the 3mm thickness, the bag, and neutral color. Also, it has a little swoosh at the top which reminds me to maintain an athletic mindset as I’m going through my asanas.

I have two major gaps in my gear. Did you notice? Can you help?

  1. Reusable Water Bottle: I cannot seem to find a reusable water bottle that I like. Any recommendations? My requirements: large enough opening to allow me to add ice, straw to sip through so that the water doesn’t go all down my face and chest (not a must, but a nice to have), dishwasher safe, and plastic.
  2. Socks: I currently use a cheap target brand of socks. They do the trick as far as material and price, but are too high-cut for my taste. I would prefer a low profile sock that doesn’t show at all. Does it exist? Where can i find it?

What is your favorite piece of gear? What item have you owned the longest and how hard would you cry if you lost it?

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    07/25/2013 at 5:28 am

    Great post and thank you for explain what a BOB is! I’ve been wondering for a while and am too lazy to Google it! I take a kids 33cl water bottle out running. It’s lightweight, small enough to hold and it has a flip sports top. I replace it once a week and after two runs it’s shaped to my hand. It’s the best I can find for the moment!

    • Reply
      08/09/2013 at 3:13 pm

      Yup, the BOB and I are on a first name (very familiar basis). Thanks for the water bottle tip!

  • Reply
    07/30/2013 at 7:54 pm

    Love the review. My favorite are the Nike yoga shorts, for obvious reasons.

  • Reply
    Ashlee Spear
    08/07/2013 at 3:52 pm

    Thanks for the sunglasses recommendation. I need to think about my eyes, and break down and finally get a pair of running shades, and I like how you say these Oakleys “don’t look ultra athletic”.

    PS: Keep rocking the fanny pack (outside the gym, too) with pride!

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    01/17/2014 at 4:40 pm

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