Hello, Fireball

Ginger, turmeric and lemon shot

We welcomed a new juicer to the kitchen last week. I’ve only used it a few times, but I already have a favorite recipe. It’s less of a juice and more of a fireball. It’s a mixture of ginger, turmeric and lemon, topped with cayenne. This mix is great because it supports digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties, balances PH levels and jump starts the system. I take it for those reasons and because I like drinking a powerful potions. It just feels like you’re doing something right. You know? If you’re looking for a fireball of a drink that will give a powerful jolt and ignite your day, give it a go.

Now, one can visit a juice bar and purchase a similar potion for $4 or so. And I’ve done this many a time – like when I feel a cold coming on and just need a ZAAAAAP! But if we’re talking about a daily thing, $4 per shot adds up, hombre. So, when the juicer arrived, I decided to get my DIY on and light my throat on fire for half the price.

Being as it takes about 30 minutes (soup to nuts) to juice, doing so on the daily is not in the cards. So, I made a big batch yesterday that I will drink (and/or force my husband to) for the next 5 days. I made 20 ounces or 5 shots and spent $11 on the ingredients, bringing the grand total to $2 per shot. Still not cheap, but worth it. I divided the 20 ounces into 5 jars so that they’re ready to be topped with cayenne and then thrown down the hatch.

ginger, turmeric, lemon shots

For a 20 ounce batch, I used the following portions:

  1. 1 pound of lemons
  2. just under a pound of ginger
  3. approximately 1/4 pound of turmeric

If you’re looking to juice your own ginger + turmeric + lemon + cayenne shots at home, here are a few tips:

  • Because you’re juicing the entire root, the quality is important. Buy organic.
  • I cut the rind off of the lemons for the sake of my juicer, but I am not sure if this is critical.
  • My juicer is a Breville Fountain Plus Juicer
  • Add a few dashes of cayenne right before you drink it.

Ginger, lemon, turmeric shot



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