Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name

“Hello. I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?”

It’s been almost two weeks since we met Brother. He came into the world in his own time and was absolutely worth the wait. Technically speaking, my OBGYN gave him a little nudge and he quickly obliged. Speaking of quick, the hospital staff characterized my labor as Fast & FuriousBat Shit Fireball Nirvana Crazy is a more appropriate label if you ask me.Being the gateway to life is a miraculous and mind bending experience. Another story for another day (maybe).

Big Sister and Biggest Sister were the first to meet Brother. Seeing them welcome him into the world was one of the fullest moments I have ever been honored with.


There’s really nothing like growing a family. It’s a milestone that trumps all – and despite all the change and newness, I cannot imagine it any other way. I catch myself saying, “It feels like you’ve always been here.”

I’m sitting at the intersection of gratitude and awe. And I cannot think of a place I’d rather be. Welcome to the family, Levi Wild.

Thank you for all of the excitement and love, Friends.

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