Hello, Snow Days

Today marks the fourth day of snow in the past week. We were snowed in last Thursday and Friday. The snow (ice rather) thawed enough to get out on Saturday. And yesterday we were hit again with a midday snow dump – which made for an interesting afternoon/evening for people who were at work and had kids at school. My husband’s trek home from work included a few hours of traffic, after which point he had to ditch his car and run the remaining 2 miles home. Kids were waiting at school until their parents could put chains on, make it through the traffic and retrieve them – some kids waited until 8pm. What a mess!

Have I mentioned that I am from Southern California? This is crazy to me! And since I wasn’t one of the poor soul’s stuck in the snow and ice last night, it is crazy awesome. The snow made our walk home from school yesterday that much more fun. When we got home, we dropped the backpack and grabbed the sled.

There’s talk about how silly Portland is – we get 3 inches of snow and the city shuts down. It really does. Portland does not plow or salt the roads. We are at the mercy of the weather, waiting until the snow melts and ice thaws. Everything stops. And while this might be terribly inconvenient for institutions as a whole, I feel like it’s a wonderful gift for my little family. We are all together with not much to do but enjoy the slow, winter wonderland day.

Here’s the agenda:

  • 8am Wake up, or not (In theory. Unfortunately, Motherhood is a different reality.)
  • 8:05am Coffee
  • 11am Bloody Mary’s
  • 12pm Sledding
  • 3pm Snow ball fight
  • 5pm Fire

Perhaps Snow Day and I are still in the Honeymoon phase? Could be. Even so, don’t burst my bubble. I am going to enjoy this for as long as I can. Or as long as I can fend off Cabin Fever. This should help…

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