Hello world! Hello day!

I proclaim this anthem every morning. I used to declare it at full volume in a melodic tone with my arms stretched above my head. This took my husband some getting used to – somehow he doesn’t find it as cute and charming as I do. Now that we have kids, sleep is a bit more precious in our house so I considerately save the sing-song announcement until most everyone is awake. My exuberance in the morning is something I fully intend to pass on to my kids. I love it about myself. I think it’s fun and I hope that it’s encouraging and contagious too.

Let me try and explain the sensation a bit more. It’s a total body experience – a mental, spiritual and physical excitement. It’s like a surge of energy that I have to respond to. This is MY world! This is MY day! What kind of world do I want to live in? What sort of day do I want it to be? I feel empowered to make the world great for me, my people and those around me. Honestly, it’s hard to contain a joy like this.

My favorite way of responding is to exercise as soon as I wake up. I set my alarm, coordinate with my husband, put my clothes in the hall, park on the street instead of the garage, and take every precaution not to wake up my household. Sometimes my family is still asleep when I get home and it is so hard for me to contain myself and not lean into my urge to clap, sing, dance, whistle and hug. I realize that I might sound like Will Ferrell in Elf or some childish character, but I’m telling the truth here. Some mornings on my way home from the gym or a run I’ll send my husband a text that reads something like, “PREPARE YOURSELF!!! I am crazy high on life right now!!!!!” He often meets me with a widely recognized hand gesture (both hands pressing towards the ground) urging me to “tone it down a notch”.  To which I respond with smiling, whistling, clapping, singing, dancing and hugging. My kids really like it.

Speaking of kids, since having them, I find some mornings I have to coach myself into claiming my anthem. Those mornings usually correspond with a string of rough parenting nights and lack of sleep. Although I may feel beat down and pooped out, it is a choice to declare my intention for the day. My perspective and actions determine the presence of joy, love, peace and hope in my day and in my world. And so, I will declare my anthem forever more! “Hello world! Hello day!”

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