I want to buy everyone this book.

I just finished a book. And now I want to buy it for everyone. EVERYONE. Like Oprah style. So far, I’ve only gifted it to my mom and sister. But this is just the beginning. It’s going to take some time, but I’ll get it to you. Unless Oprah does first.

Love Warrior: A Memoir. A genuine story written by an honest voice, a truth teller – Glennon Doyle Melton. Her raw tale inspires hope and confidence in redemption. And her humorous account brings levity to such relatable pain. As a woman, I see myself in this book. And I think you will too.

Here’s an excerpt:

Then I walk into the bathroom and wash all the war paint off of my face. I stop to look in the mirror and notice the untouched gray streak running through my short hair. I feel like my gray hair and bare face make me look young. Fresh. Vulnerable and unsure. The woman in the mirror looks unfamiliar, but let’s be clear that she’s not acting. I like her. I step back and look at my body. I look at the stretch marks from carrying my babies and breasts made limp from feeding them. Marks of the Warrior. There’s nothing here but what nature insists upon. This is me. Naked, unashamed, stripped down to my barest essentials. Just me. Just me is all I’ll ever offer anyone again.

Just me is all I’ll ever offer anyone again.

I picked up my copy at Costco for $15. It’s available on Amazon for $16.

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