Inertia, Friend or Foe?

Yesterday was a very productive day. I was out of bed by 5:30am and the only time I stopped moving was to lay on the ground to girl-wrestle my toddlers for 10 minutes. I finally stopped at 8:30pm once my kids were asleep. It was 15 straight hours of chasing kids, working out, cleaning house, cleaning car, playing at the park, changing sheets, and feeding/changing/chasing/changing/wrangling/hugging/changing/bathing my kids.

Once both of my kids finally fell asleep, it was almost hard for me to slow down and chillax. Inertia. Inertia can be both friend and foe. Yesterday it was my friend. Today it is too. But some days, inertia is a real bitch, you know?

When I allow myself to slow and take a breather, I have a hard time getting back up to speed. It takes effort to get back into the “swing of things”, whether it’s clean eating, exercise, or restful sleep. But, there are times when I will run too fast for too long and inevitably crash and burn. At which point I have to recover then ramp back up. In general, I prefer to maintain a constant, enjoyable, sustainable speed in life.

Cruising Speed is my favorite. I’m in the groove, I have a rhythm and routine. I don’t have to ramp up or down, just maintain. Maintenance is more about discipline than energy. I must invest my energy in the people/activities/responsibilities that keep me moving at my optimal speed. It is the proactive and responsible attention to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my little family.

Periods of transition or change can pose a threat to my Cruising Speed. I recently stopped working to stay at home full-time with my kids (transition/change). It has required energy and effort to create a new rhythm for my non-working lifestyle. In a few short weeks I know it will feel routine, but for the time being I have to really focus on the essentials to keeps me running at optimal speed. I look forward to hitting my stride and entering the Cruising Speed zone once again.

I believe that inertia can be one of our most valuable resources in life. Once we reach our optimal speed, inertia can act as a support. We must leverage it in the best of times and be aware of it in the worst of times, lest it keep us down.

Can you relate? What is your favorite speed in life? How do you get there and stay there?

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