I’ve jumped on the Spring workout challenge bandwagon


Every Spring there is this “bikini ready” push, mainly on social media. Have you noticed? While I think that the idea of bikini readiness is mostly bullshit, there is some merit to it. Because, I do feel more confident to throw on a bikini if I’ve consistently been eating well and exercising… and staying up on my bikini wax regimen. The workout challenges, for lack of a better term, usually include a workout schedule, nutrition tips and tricks and social media excitement.

I am a sucker for these sorts of things. I find the hype, structure and we’re-all-in-it-together aspect super motivating and fun. It adds variety to my workout grind and I end up learning a lot in terms of new techniques and drills. So, this Spring I have jumped onto 2 different workout challenge bandwagons.

Nike Training Club: Better For It

90 day NTC Better For It

I wrote about this a few weeks back (here) and am currently in week 3 of the challenge. In a nut shell, it is a 90 day program that consists of 5 workouts a week. It incorporates running, but the meat and potatoes are workouts from the Nike Training Club App. The schedule is very realistic and the majority of workouts are completed within 30 minutes. So, it’s a great resource for those looking to get consistent with their workouts. I have a few critiques (not the deal breaker types), but I’ll save those for another post.

Find out more about the challenge on Nike.com.

It’s in my practice to workout for approximately an hour per day, so the NTC challenge leaves me room to supplement their daily schedule.

Tone It Up: Bikini Series

Have you heard of Karena and Katrina? The girly-girl dynamic duo goes all out for their bikini series each Spring with an 8-week program that includes a weekly workout schedule, free workouts and nutrition tips. And this year, for the members of their TIU Nutrition Plan, K+K wrote a Bikini they created a detailed program that includes specific workouts and meals for each day.

Now, the Tone It Up hype can get a little over the top. BUT, I’m still a fan of K+K and their series. They make it fun! Their youtube workouts are easy to follow along with and their commentary is quite hilarious at times. If you’re a woman, I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re a male, steer clear lest you become a total creepy creep K+K follower.

Find out more and sign up for the bikini series on ToneItUp.com

What about you? Have you joined the workout challenge bandwagon this Spring?

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    Check out The Balanced Life blog or YouTube channel! It’s my favorite!

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