Let’s Talk Halloween Candy

We kicked off Halloween on Thursday at my daughter’s Preschool. While our kids frosted pumpkin sugar cookies (which involved more licking than spreading), my gal pal and I lamented over what we’ll do with the Halloween candy our kids will amass on Monday. It’s crazy how much candy can be corralled by such young people in such a short amount of time.

the Bodenette’s damned loot


I’m doing my part by handing out pencils. (And the trick or treaters rejoice!) What’s that? Was that you who mumbled, “Boring?” Hey, lay off! If I could afford to buy Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups in bulk I would! And I figured a pencil was more exciting than a hair tie. But I doubt every door my kids knock on will be as lame as me. It’s inevitable – the Bodenettes will return with more candy than they can haul up the driveway.

I googled “what to do with damn halloween candy” and found a few suggestions. Like this article from Parenting that lists 25 things to do with leftover Halloween candy, which includes brilliant ideas such as “keep in your purse” or “put chocolate in your coffee”. Like I don’t think about doing both of those things on the daily? They did mention donating candy, which I’m all about… I mean as long as the candy ain’t in my backyard, right?

So, this is how I see it. Parents have 3 choices:

  • Scenario A: Do nothing. Let them eat candy and deal with the impending lunacy. As crazy as this sounds, I can totally see how it happens. Kids can be so very manipulative. And absolutely grabby when it comes to their treats. So, no shame in that game.
  • Scenario B: The Switch Witch. Cool idea. Mama better get her shit together and have a toy on the ready come 6am on November 1.
  • Scenario C: The Cash for Candy deal. The kids hang on to a few pieces and trade the rest for Mama’s cash. (And all the kids say, “Suckers!!”)

To each their own, but Scenario A is not an option for me. This household doesn’t have the willpower to handle such a responsibility. It would be sugar crap overload for me and the Bodenettes. We’d all be paying the price well into the New Year.

So, it must be some variation of Scenario B or C. Still I wonder, what the heck do I do with all of the candy? Do you know of any local artists who form works of art with uneaten candy? No, me neither. So do I literally throw it in the garbage? That is such a crazy waste! I looked into donating it. (Because it feels better if the candy is sitting in a belly as opposed to a landfill.) These are the top donation options I’m finding – Treats for TroopsCandy Buy Back via local dental offices and Operation Shoebox. The Halloween Candy Buy Back program seems like a win win for all of us. Parents drop the candy off at a local dentist, and then the dentist pays the kid and mails the candy to Treats for Troops. We knew there was something to love about dentists! (Wink, wink.)

So, what’s your solve here? What do you do with all the Halloween Candy? Do you know of any easy donation options that I didn’t mention?

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    10/29/2016 at 8:01 pm

    No scenario A for me. Last year I had R pick out 5-6 pieces and we told her we would send the rest off to Dad’s office. I love the dentist trade in idea.
    Might try that this year!

    I didn’t get on the Switch Witch train last year when I first heard of it. I figured I already have the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa to manage, can’t add one more to my plate. Plus IMO it’s parenting avoidance. Instead of setting limits, someone created a witch that takes it away so Mom and dad aren’t the bad guy. 😆


    • Reply
      10/29/2016 at 8:47 pm

      Good idea! And then Todd is the coolest kid at work. Win win! I’ll let you know how the dentist office thing goes.

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    10/29/2016 at 8:27 pm

    We do the switch witch and the candy goes to Sabrina’s school who says they send candy to the troops…have you checked to see if rere’s school takes candy donations?

    • Reply
      10/29/2016 at 8:30 pm

      Also friend, if you want to move back, wahoos will give you a free kids meal for every bag of candy you hand in;)

      • Reply
        10/29/2016 at 8:46 pm

        Doesn’t get much better than that! Dang it!! That’s it. Moving back. 😉

    • Reply
      10/29/2016 at 8:47 pm

      I’ll have to check to see if her school does that. Such a good idea! What do you get the kids? Where does the toy appear?

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    Jana Lee Thune
    10/31/2016 at 10:09 am

    Good one!
    Cutest little angel around❤️

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