Mach 11 Baby Prep (and some crowdsourcing)

I am in full on baby prep mode and the adrenalin is pumping. This little guy’s arrival is right around the corner and so I’m getting all the possible freaking ducks I can in a row. We’re talking speeds of mach 11+. Some call it nesting, but I prefer the more accurate description of maniacally-getting-shit-done-while-your-kids-are-at-school. And I’m loving every day of it. I forget how efficient and productive I can be when I am not explaining the what/how/why of every.single.thing to my girls. I digress. Point being, I am oh so grateful for the freedom to tackle the big and small stuff before the babe arrives.

Last night, my uterus decided to pre game for several hours so I took a late night walk, tried to chill and then ended up eating a bowl oatmeal at 3am. Slow your role, gal and get some sleep! But, it’s not easy to chill during times like these! I’m at that point where I feel like any moment could be GO TIME and with that comes a whole lot of excitement. (And a whole lot of vacuuming because God forbid my floor be in disarray when I go into labor.)

This morning was my favorite baby prep activity yet. Isaac and I met with my Physical Therapist to walk through labor and birth positions. She specializes in pelvic floor health and has had so much to offer me throughout this pregnancy related to my pelvic pain. So when she suggested that we identify positions that would be most successful for me to labor and deliver in (body mechanics birthing plan so to speak) I was all game… and super curious since that was not a part of my previous labors. The goal is to have the most successful vaginal delivery possible while minimizing trauma (including tearing) to the pelvic floor muscles. And anyone whose had a baby knows that postpartum pelvic floor recovery is no joke. I met with her one on one last week to talk through my mechanics and subsequent recommended body positions. Today Isaac joined us to get up to speed on labor job – hands on instructions for where on my body he can press/push/hold to help support my work and easy the baby through the pelvis. I love a man with a job! Having a well stocked tool belt always makes me feel excited. It got us both pretty jazzed for the main event!

Less exciting baby prep events include:

  • Stocking the fridge and freezer with essentials. And brainstorming easy meal ideas for our fam once the baby arrives. You know, the FEED ME NOW but don’t ask me how sort of meals. (Crowdsourcing: suggestions? Besides the obvious burritos and breakfast-for-dinner?)
  • Self-care to the max. We’re talking stuff that likely won’t cross my mind to do for another 12 months or so. Such as teeth cleaning (check!), hair cut (check!), bikini wax (it’s a must, people), physical therapist (check!), acupuncture (check!), dermatologist (might not happen) and scheduling that beloved prenatal massage (thanks cousin!!).
  • Getting my car into the body shop for some TLC. There are two jobs (one includes removing a shit ton of yellow paint from the entire left side of the car) that have been hanging over my head for months.
  • Packing the hospital bag for me and the Little Dude, snacks included. (Crowdsourcing: any must-pack items? It’s been five years since I’ve done this.)
  • Washing and folding drawers full of infant wear. And then immediately re-washing several pieces because my kids play and eat and sleep IN THE CLOTHES. How this is even physically possible for them to fit into the miniature wardrobe is beyond me.
  • Submitting September and October writing projects – 2 down, 2 to go!
  • Enjoying the occasional nap sesh in the freaking middle of the day. Praise be.
  • And finally, lining up some posts for Hello Day once the baby arrives. I will be introducing you to a few of my favorite women – fiercely loving, brave and bold creatures who I admire. So, keep an eye out for their stories coming this fall.

And now, a question for you… Are you a Hello Day reader who wants to share a recipe, nugget, story, tip with the Hello Day fam? If so, shoot me a note ( with a brief introduction of yourself and what you’d like to share. Remember the Hello Day’s perspective is authentic, optimistic and loving. We are adventurous, honest and encouraging people! Suggestions should reflect that vibe.

Alright. My freshly washed sheets are calling… off to sleep.

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