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I took a yoga class this morning that fit perfectly with my “feel what you feel” theme. For those of you looking to explore what it means to lean into your feelings and experiences, this class is right up your alley.

Set the Tone for the New Year is a 60 minute Vinyasa practice led by Jason Crandell available on (If you’re unfamiliar with YogaGlo, you can read more here. They offer free trials to non-members.) While it is a level 2/3 class, it is suitable for beginners also.  Click here to visit the class on YogaGlo.

Throughout the practice, Jason talks about being mindful and aware of our sensations – observe, witness and sense what is going on in our bodies. He reminds us to have a “gentle touch”, even as we push our bodies.

During the more challenging parts of the flow, Jason encourages us to, “Savor the sensations that are present; even if those sensations are demanding. Sensations in the body don’t mean there is something wrong with the body.”

There it is! Truth! Preach it, Jason!

The aware and intentional approach allows for sustainable performance, both mentally and physically. We avoid extreme swings (both of the physical and mental nature) when we listen and stay within the range of what is healthy, realistic and good. This is what creates the firm foundation of wholeness that I desire for myself (as I mentioned in my last post.)

I highly encourage you to explore this class. But even more, I encourage you to approach your whole self (mind, body, spirit) with awareness and a gentle touch.

Peace and love to you all!


Photo shot by Ryan Haack at Wolfcamp Studios in Costa Mesa, California.



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