My 2015 Wellness Trends REVISED

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIn December, I wrote about what’s trending in my life for 2015. Well, the Natalie of 2014 had no idea what was coming her way. And now looking back on those trends I have a few revisions (shown in bold) to make…

  1. Change. 2015 is a year of change. Get ready to part with the old and welcome the new. Adventure!!
  2. Gym Rat. I’ve returned to the gym. The Bodenettes love Kids Club and I’m having fun checking out new group classes and nursing my love affair with the stairmill.
  3. Sleep. The past 3+ years have been full of a lot of things, but sleep has not been one of them. As Vera nears the 2 1/2 year mark, I am getting pretty excited about the full nights of sleep in my future. I’m talking 8 solid hours, guys. It’s not too much to ask! And I finally think I see the light at the end of this sleepy tunnel. Sleeping in a toddler bed. You have not lived until you have slept in a toddler sized bed. They are miniature and ridiculously cute looking. But, they are not intended to fit more than one person and certainly not designed for co-sleeping. Yet, I spend at least a few hours a night with my ass hanging off the side of Vera’s shoebox sized bed. Oye vey. 
  4. Running. Sometimes it’s my jam and other times it’s my saving grace. Regardless, it will be a constant in 2015. True, true. Running is always a fun way to explore a new city. 
  5. Elimination diets are shit. They’re not THE shit, they are shit. I messed with Whole30 in summer of 2014 and it messed me up hard core. So, you can be sure there will be none of that crazy in 2015. If I even hint at the idea, smack me a hard one. Deal? I am going to eat my best. Because when I do, I feel my best. It’s pretty simple, in my case at least. So, I will stick to high quality, real, balanced food. Lots of veggies, fruit and protein. Some dairy. Some bread. Some wine. Even some cheese. Heck, I’m not going for the “flat belly diet” bullshit, I’m just aiming for a healthy, happy, balanced life. Still true. But, packing on the Portland pounds is also shit, so I need to find some balance here. Stress makes me hungry… and Portland is a dangerous place to be if you’re hungry. 
  6. Racing, just for fun. In the winter of 2013, my gal pals and I ran a series of trail races called the OC Chili Winter Trail Run. It was so much fun and I’m thinking of signing up for 2015… I figure I kind of ought to, considering our post-race mugs are featured on the 2015 website. I have to start shopping fun races in Oregon. Hood to Coast sounds unbelievably fun/hard/too much car sleeping.
  7. Keeping it real. I want authentic connection, so I will keep on being myself. Let’s be human together, okay? And, now the challenge will be to keep it real here in Oregon. As I meet new people and get into a community of friends (please please please), that I lean into who I am, let the walls down and establish a real sense of connection.
  8. Yoga. Between Ekam Yoga and YogaGlo, I am one happy yogi. My practice is only a little over 1 year old, but I am very happy with the dimension it has added to my life and fitness. Well, sadly Ekam and I no longer share a neighborhood. YogaGlo and I have never been closer. And I am on the hunt for a new studio(s) here in Portland. There are several to choose from (YoYo Yogi, Yoga Pearl) and I look forward to getting to know them. 
  9. Nike Training Club+. Both the app and the NTC Live workouts. I’ve got my NTC and I looove it. NTC has been an awesome staple in my gym workouts here in the apartment building. Also… since I am so close to the NTC mothership, I have the chance to check out the NTC Live workouts at the Nike World Headquarters. Yippee! 
  10. I’m all about that core, ’bout that core… and booty. Really, us gals have a lot riding on our core, booty and hips included. A strong core is key to reducing injury, maintaining fitness and nailing fun yoga tricks after a few glasses of wine. It wasn’t until after my pregnancy with Vera that I turned my attention to strengthening my core. But, since then I have noticed a significant increase in my athleticism and reduction of injury. I will continue to strengthen my core with yoga and weight training in 2015. Exactly.  
  11. Laughter. It’s a must. I cannot do without it. And as long as Jimmy and Mindy are in my life, I am set. And now, I have new material coming from the occasional real life shit show that accompanies moving states. Also, reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please.
  12. New Tunes. I have not added a new playlist to my Spotify account in months. 2015 calls for some new workout tunes! I promise to share them with y’all. Follow me (username: Natalie Claudon Bodenhamer) to listen. Right, sure. I’ll get right on that. As I haven’t had much time to orchestrate playlists these days, I have been relying heavily on the playlist genius of others. Ellie Goulding curated one for Nike Women that kept my ass on the dreadmill for 6 miles today. 
  13. Half Marathon Training-Ish. Long runs on the weekend and we’ll see where that takes us. Oh man, my running buddies are 1,000 miles away. That’s my excuse. On the bright side, there are miles and miles and miles of trails to explore. Has anyone ever run the Portland Marathon?  I would love to run the half (or even full… did I just admit that?) Portland Marathon course this year. But, realistically I am not sure how much of a training schedule I want to saddle myself with at this point… especially since I have yet to make a running buddy.
  14. Nike Pro Bra. By “trending” I mean I have two and want more. Gosh, the fit is great – less armpit and back fat. Go tell it on the mountains! I have both the Classic and Indy. My eye is set on the Allure (for everyday wear) and the Classic Padded (just for fun, just for fun). Yup! Rocking one (the Indy) right now. And the Allure is wonderful for yoga and everyday wear. My new Nike Company Store access is pretty fun too 🙂
  15. Bone Broth? Nah, I’ll be honest. I don’t see myself even taking one sip of the stuff in 2015. I guess before I make such a declaration I should find out what the hell it even is. Then again, water, coffee, green juice and wine should do just fine. Yeah, still haven’t tried it. I have been drinking a ton of sparkling water lately though. Quite honestly, I want to drink wine more often that I should and chugging on sparkling water is a healthier option for the weeknights.
  16. Daffodils for days. They surround my house and I love each and every one of the cheery blooms. 

And finally, MISSING my friends and family. Because, they will always be trending in my life. Always. Even if they are 1,000 miles and a state away. 

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  • Reply
    Meleah Shank
    03/12/2015 at 10:39 pm

    Yes to Portland Half marathon!! I’ll sign up if you sign up! I’ll mail you a training plan… We can be cyber training partners!! Love you and miss you! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Reply
      03/15/2015 at 7:55 am

      Thanks friend! Let’s talk about it after you finish your little run in Boston in a few weeks 😉

  • Reply
    03/12/2015 at 10:44 pm

    Hood to coast!!!! Please please please can we do hood to coast?! Nate, you can’t tease me by saying that without following through!!!

  • Reply
    03/12/2015 at 11:36 pm

    Making friends is hard in a new place even more when you you’re a foreigner! The gym is a good place, though girls never smile at the gym, sometimes you can’t smile as they think you’re nuts or something else at my gym! It’s crazy. The best way, just start talking, little hellos, ‘Is it busy today?’, the weather, over hear conversations and jump in (if you can help with what they’re talking about) and the best one ‘I love your shoes, top, earrings etc’. That breaks the ice. I don’t always want to talk, but if I want friends, I have to !

  • Reply
    Katie @ Practicing Healthy Habits
    03/13/2015 at 9:09 am

    Just curious–how did the Whole30 mess you up? Also, I love Ellie Goulding and am really excited to check out her playlist for Nike Women!

    • Reply
      03/15/2015 at 7:54 am

      Hi Katie! Well, the Whole30 got me into a hyper-critical headspace about what, when, how much I ate. For my personal make-up (mental and physical), I do best when I focus on making good decisions and eating my best.

      • Reply
        Katie @ Practicing Healthy Habits
        03/15/2015 at 9:25 am

        That’s really interesting to hear. I found myself in that hyper-critical state when it came to counting calories, and I was hoping the Whole30 would help create a healthier mindset. I definitely think Whole30 is healthier than focusing on calories, but hopefully I don’t find myself in a similar hyper-critical state. Thanks for your honesty!

  • Reply
    Jana Thune
    03/13/2015 at 3:46 pm

    Your insightful honestly again has me pondering so many thoughts & feelings!
    Well stated!
    Leaves me missing you deeply & look forward to seeing you!!!

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