My Long Run Essentials

I’m training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and weekly long runs are part of the program. Now, the term “long run” is relative. For some it’s 30 miles, others it’s 6 miles. My definition of “long” is 8-10 miles.

Long is a good word to use when you’re running for 90 minutes plus. But, relaxing and fun are also words that describe running for that length of time. That is of course, if you’re prepared with the right gear. My long run essentials aren’t much, but they’re very much essential.

  1. Handheld water bottle – No water es no bueno. It took me a while to get used to running with a water bottle in hand, but it’s not really that bothersome once you get the hang of it. And as my dad always reminds me, the water bottle can act to break your fall if you trip on the trail… He claims his water bottles (he carries 2) have “saved his life” more than once. So there’s that. (I love you dad.)
  2. Playlist – Good tunes are very important to any run. But, they’re uber essential if you’re running for nearly 2 hours straight. I use Spotify so I can either make my own playlist or mooch off some other curator’s genius. Nike+ Run Club has some great playlists to check out. I love the Nike Running Long Run playlist that is full of 4 hour’s worth of high energy songs.
  3. Fanny Pack – There was a time when I carried my phone. In my hand. Those days are over. My phone now lives fanny pack… because there’s no way I’m holding my phone and my water bottle!
  4. Petroleum Jelly – Chaffing sucks. Petroleum jelly helps. And this topic is embarrassing so I’m not going to discuss it further on the internet.
  5. Running App – I use the Nike+ Running app. It tracks my miles, elevation and splits. And I can follow my friends and family and see what they’re running too… healthy competition, right?

And as a given, comfortable gear is a must. Adjusting and/or situating your clothes gets really old when you’re running for 2 hours. My long run uniform is a pair of shorts or leggings + sports bra + tank or long sleeve. I almost always run in Nike Free’s, even on my long trail runs. They works the best for me.

What’s your definition of long run? And have you any essentials to share?

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    Adel boys plus mom
    09/05/2015 at 3:18 pm

    I’ve never left a comment before so I’m totally nervous…anyway, I was going to contact you recently regarding chafing. It’s one of my least fave things in life. I got new running shorts and got the worst rash ever. Ouch! I even told Matt that I bet YOU have a remedy. No Vaseline in the house, so I tried coconut oil and it worked like a champ. I’ve used it 5 or so times with my new shorts and it’s worked every time. If you try it on your long runs, I hope it works well! If it doesn’t I’ll apologize big time.

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      09/05/2015 at 10:32 pm

      I’m trying it tomorrow! Miss seeing you around town Dawn! xox

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