My Top 5 Daily Essentials

We all are creatures of habit. Albeit, some more than others. I am part of the “some more than others” club. I find what works best for me and do that thing until it no longer works or until I feel like doing something else – hey, its a girl’s prerogative to change her mind.

My family and I are leaving town for the weekend, so I’m gathering our stuff for the weekend. Geesh, the amount of diapers and bananas alone! As I go down my mental “must bring this” list, I find that my personal essentials are few, but very essential.

Top 5 Daily Essentials

My Top 5 Daily Essentials

My Top 5 Daily Essentials

  • iPhone – Right? If this gal ever left me, I would be up shit creek without an iPhone.
  • Coffee – I brew it in a french press and drink it black. Confession: when grabbing coffee on the go, Starbucks is my favorite. None of this Stumptown/Blue Bottle/Hipster junk. Excuse the blasphemy, Isaac.
  • Nike Frees – Surprise, surprise.
  • Banana – I eat at least one a day. So do each of my kids. So does my man. That’s four bananas a day, minimum.
  • BOB Revolution SE – My daily driver. It’s a place to strap the youngins and be free.

No big surprises in the list. Come to think of it, is it weird that “bra” and “toothbrush” do not show up on my top five?

What about you? Do you find yourself reaching for the same things day in and day out?

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    01/26/2014 at 1:07 am

    My essentials are lip balm, keys, phone, purse (coin purse as us Brits call a bag your purse) and water. If I leave the house without lip balm, crisis! Hope you have a good weekend!

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