Nike Training Club Get Toned Program Recap

Remember a few weeks back when I started the Nike Training Club Get Toned Program? Well, today I finished the final workout of the program. If you’re unfamiliar with the Nike Training Club app, you can read up on it here, here and here. (Spoiler alert, I am a huge fan.)

Nike Training Club essentials

Nike Training Club essentials

Using the NTC app on my phone, I created an intermediate program focused on toning. The program lasted four weeks and integrated running along with the NTC workouts. While the schedule included workouts 5-6 days per week (5 in weeks 1 and 2, and 6 in weeks 3 and 4), it didn’t feel too rigorous. I was not looking for a super demanding workout program, but rather one that would provide direction, and leave room for unscheduled workouts too. The intermediate program did just that.

The intensity and frequency of workouts was not much different from that of my normal routine. As a result, I didn’t notice any significant change in my strength or muscle definition. The real benefit of the program was the focused workout schedule. Since the NTC app has over 100 workouts to offer, the program narrowed it down for me. I didn’t spend as much time exploring possible workouts, but instead went straight to the scheduled workout of the day.

Since all workouts are tracked in the app, I felt mighty motivated to complete every single minute of the program. My favorite days were those that paired a run with an NTC workout (ex. 30 minute run and 30 minute NTC workout). Speaking of running, half way through the program I started using the Nike + Running app to track my runs. The NTC app and Nike + Running app sync so that your completed runs are recognized in the NTC training program. #sotechy

At the end of the four weeks, NTC gave me a summary (i.e. Report Card) of my completed workouts and progress. As you notice, my NTC Report Card essentially shows that I earned an F (53%) in the program. A few rookie moves screwed me up: 1) I didn’t sync my runs with the NTC app and 2) I went rogue with yoga and didn’t use the NTC recommended yoga workouts. (Instead, I either used YogaGlo or went to Ekam Yoga for my practice. Honestly, the yoga workouts are not NTC’s strong suit at this point,in my humble yogi opinion). And yes, the fact that this summary only shows 53% complete DOES bug me. How did you know?

NTC Get Toned Program Progress

All in all, the Get Toned program is a great resource for anyone looking for a well rounded workout regime aimed to tone and strengthen. I recommend checking it out. I will definitely be creating another training program using NTC in the near future. What do you say I try the “advanced” program next time around?

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