Overcoming the Snooze Button Temptress

My favorite time to workout is first thing in the morning. You know this. We’ve talked about it before. But, sometimes making a 6am gym time happen is harder than others. You know, kids, travel, spouse’s travel, the freaking snooze button. Man, that snooze button is a temptress. But, I’ve figured out a way to consistently overcome the temptation of sleeping in… it’s a two part solution.

  1. Classes. Let me rephrase that, Kick Ass Classes. Not your average, ho-hum, Group X thingy. We’re talking energy, excitement, music and sweat. Lots of it. Because honestly, that’s what I really want to get out of bed for – the heart-racing, eye of the tiger shit. (Forest runs and yoga are much better enjoyed at 10am.) My current weekly mix is two mornings at the Nike Campus for Circuit Training and Nike Training Club (hello, perks) and one morning at the one and only BurnCycle.
  2. Coffee. I just need a few sips, really. And sure, I don’t even “need” it. (Semantics people.) Whatever, I like it. I want it. I want it within a few minutes of being awake. So, on my way to the studio or gym, I stop by the coffee shop near my house (morning hair/face and all) and grab a coffee to sip on as I drive to class. It makes the drive oh so enjoyable.

That’s it. Those are my money makers – classes and coffee. And then, I arrive back home at 7:15am a whirl of energy, light, love, fire and dance. Like if Beyonce and a Steam Train had a Love Child. Yes, I am that Love Child.

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    02/25/2016 at 8:51 am

    Oh my Word, this is amazing. What I really want to know though is how you were in your pregnancies? Were you super motivated? A slug, like me? Also, how do you negotiate morning time with Issac? Is it an issue, or not really?

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      02/26/2016 at 11:16 am

      Hey friend! During pregnancy no 1, I worked out mornings or lunchtime (no kids, just a job to navigate around. Easiest it will ever be!) Pregnancy no 2 I did early morning Barry’s Bootcamp or mid day runs w the jogger on a work break before Reece went down to nap OR late afternoon walks. Not always super motivated, but not sluggish either. I felt so much less nauseous after exercise, so that motivated me to keep up w it.
      As far as Isaac and I negotiating our mornings, it’s certainly easier without surf involved. Perk for me, I guess. So I do 2-3 mornings a week (during weekdays) of early workouts where I’m home by 7:15ish and he can leave right away. Kids are at a better age now and don’t wake up as early so it’s not a big deal for him to get ready for work and hang w them at the same time. The mornings that he has early meetings and I still want to do an early workout, I do HIIT stuff or yoga at home.

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    02/26/2016 at 11:37 am

    Thank you! Always trying to figure out when my best work out time/me-time is. It’s great that you have it so dialed!

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