Pool Time

I’ve been swimming once a week for the past few weeks. Random, yes. Every week my kids take swim lessons and I have 30 minutes to either sit on the side of the pool or swim laps. I’ve chosen the laps option. More accurately, I spend 25 minutes swimming and 5 minutes soaking in the hot tub. My time in the pool may only last 25 minutes, but I assure you it’s totally amateur hour.

I know how to swim just fine. But not so much about how to swim hundreds of yards with a purpose. But you’ve got to start somewhere. For now, I am just going from one side to the other and enjoying the movement, breath and water. But, I want to do my homework and get a little bit more intentional about it.

For one, I would like to wear a swim suit, instead of my bikini bottoms and sports bra. I’ve got my eye set on this one. Ha! Maybe this would be more practical. Next, I want to work on my form. (Honestly, that part will be boring. But totally necessary.) And lastly, I need to find some workouts to follow. Because, I’m guessing swimming is a lot like running – there’s a difference between just jogging aimlessly for 30 minutes and running speed intervals or hill repeats for 30 minutes. I’m sure I’ll get more out of my weekly swims if I follow a workout.

Any swimmers out there? What workout routines do you dig?

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    03/11/2016 at 7:38 pm

    Hey! I follow you on instagram and just found your blog that way, and am excited to see you’re taking up lane swimming. It’s my favourite sport and cross training. I realize these two workouts are longer than 25 minutes, but they might give you a couple of good ideas (plus they are my favourite, most common type of swim workouts) my 45 min swim: http://delightfullydomestic.typepad.com/blog/2015/03/45-min-swim-workout.html and 60 min swim: http://delightfullydomestic.typepad.com/blog/2015/02/60-min-swim-workout.html
    I’ve also started posting a weekly summary of the triathlon training workouts I’m doing now and sometimes share swim sets in those!
    Look forward to reading about how your swims are going, excited for you!

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      03/11/2016 at 10:51 pm

      Thank you!! This is super helpful. First up – Google “front crawl”. Ha. Told you it was amateur hour.

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