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Lately, I have been splitting my yoga practice between Ekam Yoga and my family room/bedroom/wherever the Bodenettes aren’t. While I would choose a class at Ekam any day over asanas at home, it’s not always practical. Amen, mamas? I guess the silver lining of practicing at home is that the Bodenettes can (sort of) participate too. Sure, it’s a bit distracting, but it also enhances my time on the mat in a family/unity/we are one/love fest sort of way. How’s that for a Namaste attitude?

Yoga with yogi Vera

Yoga with yogi Vera

For the days that I practice at home, I use YogaGlo as my guide. YogaGlo provides an online yoga experience for $18 per month. There are classes for every type of asana style available in HD video. I prefer it over other online yoga studios (even ones that I have mentioned in the past) because of the video component and easily searchable database of classes. Plus, you can download classes and access them locally in case you are going to be away from an internet connection (this comes in really handy for me when heading out of town).

YogaGlo offers a 15 day trial so you can scope the scene before committing to a membership ($18 per/mo and can be cancelled at any point). Check these classes out to get a taste for the caliber of instruction and awesome variety:

  1. Quick, Go-To Flow with Jason
  2. Cross Training for Runners with Tiffany
  3. Stoke Your Metabolic Fire with Tiffany
  4. Get Warm and Get Moving with Dice

YogaGlo members also have access to free yoga classes at the YogaGlo studio in Santa Monica. Tiffany Cruikshank ( taught four classes there earlier this week. In terms of credibility, awesomeness, experience and niceness, Tiffany wins. So, one of my best buddies and I headed up for two classes with her yesterday.

Pre Yoga fun with @yogaLynzi at YogaGlo's Studio.

Pre Yoga fun with @yogaLynzi at YogaGlo’s Studio.

The entire experience was awesome. YogaGlo’s studio is great and the team is very friendly. They have mats, blocks, straps, etc for members to use and plenty of parking (which is a big deal here in Southern California). Both classes we took were filmed and will be available YogaGlo soon. The filming doesn’t interfere at all with the class experience at all. The first class was a 90 minute vinyasa focusing on the hips. The second class was a 60 minute vinyasa class with a focus on rotational strength and balance (targeting athletes in rotational sports like tennis and golf).

If you’re in the LA/OC area, you should check out the class calendar and visit the YogaGlo studio for a free class. And, if you’re in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, you have to check out Ekam Yoga. I have a complimentary class pass waiting for you.

Namaste, my friends!

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