Preggo Perspective

My youngest daughter Vera turned 1 year old this week. Her birthday has me reminiscing about many things, pregnancy being one of them. Being pregnant is a wonderfully unique experience and there are many things to say about it, but I will start with this…

Pregnancy is the prelude to child’s story. A mother is honored and entrusted to write the prelude to a story that she will be a part of forever. Pregnancy is an opportunity to lay the foundation for a future life.

What kind of story do you want for your child’s life? For example, Isaac and I want our kid’s lives to be adventurous and full of rich, memorable experiences. I kept those themes in the forefront of my mind throughout both pregnancies: adventure, memorable experiences.

Now, if you have ever been pregnant you will likely agree with me that pregnancy isn’t necessarily characterized by a “go get ’em” sort of mentality. My pregnancies were no different. It is a seriously exhausting job to grow a baby and rest is certainly in order. But, as long as the pregnancy is healthy and free from complications, it is also a time to live it up in a special way with your baby in tow.

Reminding myself of this gave me motivation to experience life to the fullest with my baby. Setting that intention in my mind helped me adjust my daily actions and activities.

With Reece (my first pregnancy) I kept a journal of what we did each day. She traveled the country with me for work, explored Costa Rica with aunties and uncles, and sweated it out in indoor cycle classes several times a week. With Vera (my second pregnancy), I ditched the journal but not the adventure. We visited Washington DC and Seattle on business, were bridesmaids in her Aunt Ashlee’s wedding, frequented Barry’s Bootcamp, and ran miles and miles with her sister Reece in the baby jogger.


Reece and I (9 months pregnant with Vera) walking down the aisle at Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Andrew’s wedding in July 2012.

My pregnancies were healthy and without complication (thank the good Lord!!), so I remained very active the whole time. If an opportunity came my way, I would tell myself to “be up for it!” My chosen perspective made a huge difference in my daily life as a preggo. From exercise to spending time with friends, I would think about it as a chance to share an experience with my baby.

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with Vera, I spoke at a conference in Seattle. At 8 months pregnant, I wasn’t feeling excited about speaking to a crowd about anything, much less “organizational change and sustainability”. As I ran the idea of traveling and speaking past myself, I decided it would make a great addition to Vera’s story – a new city (Seattle no less!), a less than comfortable situation (chubby face and swollen ankles), and a chance to share what I have learned with others. These are all things I want for my baby’s story. So, I did it. I turned out to be an awesome and memorable time that I got to share with Vera.

I am forever grateful to have been able to share life in such a unique way with my two girls. Their lives are built upon the foundation of adventure and exploration that we experienced together during pregnancy.

For those of you who have been pregnant – Did you ever tell yourself, “go get ’em, Tiger?” And if so, what adventure did you find yourself and your baby in?

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    Ashlee Spear
    08/25/2013 at 3:08 pm

    I love the idea of embarking on adventures & forming memories with your kids while they are still in the womb!

    I sometimes dream about running a marathon while pregnant. Has anyone else done this?

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