Pump Up The Jam

Before the iPod, there was the Discman. Remember that? The Discman was actually super cool because it played CDs, not tapes. Back in those days, I used to schlep my Discman with me on all my runs and from cardio machine to cardio machine at the gym. The CD would constantly skip, but I didn’t care because I could still hear the beat of Bootylicious.

I can barley handle the thought of holding a Discman to walk to the car, let alone during a workout. But seriously, I would do it all over again. Because, (the right) music makes everything more fun. I rarely workout without music. I love the way my head gets lost in the words and my body gets swept up by the beat.

Enter Spotify

Spotify is my favorite music platform because I can create playlists, find the music I want, search for new music, listen to entire albums, follow friends and other playlists, AND share my own playlists. If you aren’t a Spotify user already, you really must check it out. They offer two types of memberships – free and Premium ($9.99 per/mo). I am a premium member, which gives me the same access and features on my iPhone as on my computer/iPad.

Whether I am doing a workout in my garage or running on the boardwalk, I use Spotify. I have a dozen or so playlists I created and several other that I follow. I created a new playlist today…

Pump Up The Jam Playlist

I have several workout routines with corresponding playlists posted on Hello Day. Check them out here. Also, you can search for me in Spotify (username is Natalie Claudon Bodenhamer) and follow these playlists.

  1. Fun Fit Friends Workout
  2. Sore Tomorrow Workout
  3. Next Best Thing Workout
  4. Around the Gym in 60 Minutes
  5. Going Beyond Sweat Workout
  6. 2013, You are Mine Workout
  7. Let’s Do It Again Workout
  8. One’s a Party Workout
  9. Namaste November Playlist

Okay, Fit Friend. What’s your jam?

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    06/10/2014 at 12:15 pm

    My current jam is Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” (all three versions). Another long-running jam of mine is George Michael’s ‘Freedom”. I could listen to these two songs on repeat for an hour-long run and be pumped up the whole time.

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    07/20/2014 at 9:04 pm

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