Ride Like a Mother

It’s 6:10 am on a Tuesday and I’m riding like a mother. I’m in the communion of a pack of fellow bleary-eyed humans who, like me, have decided to wake up and take charge of their day. We’re bonded by our common goal and communal energy. The dim space gives us freedom to ride how we need, give what we want and draft on the driving force of the group. I’ve got 45 minutes for myself and so I spend it shirtless, sweating, cussing, hooting and hollering. I empty the tank of anxiety and stress and fill it up with energy and love. Sure, my body facilitates this experience, but it really is for the benefit of my soul. My entire being hums with energy and excitement for the day ahead.

Not even 15 minutes later, I’ve resumed position as Captain Mom. I’m corralling the kids, packing lunches, and gripping a cup of black coffee. I’ve wiped the sweat off, put the shirt on and toned down the hollering. Because Captain Mom wears a shirt (most of the time) and keeps her cussing to the occasional whispered expletive.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing what it means to me to Ride Like a Mother with the BurnCycle Crew. Read the rest at Burn-Cycle.com

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mama’s who live life to the fullest. Not only for yourself, but your spawn. Peace and Love to you!


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