Runners, are we annoying?

I came across an article in this month’s issue of Runner’s World by Mark Remy titled, “Annoying? Who Us?” Mark addresses a few criticisms that the Wall Street Journal recently cited in an article titled, “OK, You’re a Runner. Get Over It.” Clever.

Of the six offenses Mark addresses, I am guilty of four.

1. Running stickers on cars – Not guilty. Stickers just don’t appeal to me, especially on my car. However, I might reconsider if earned a “26.2”. On second thought, I would likely wear it across my forehead instead of my bumper.

2. Running in public – Guilty and confused. I consider myself rather socially aware, however I have never thought of what I do as running in public. As Lucille Bluth would say, “I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.”

3. Wearing running gear in social situations – Interesting, I didn’t know Isaac was a WSJ contributor. There is a time and place for everything, including running shorts (more here). Out of convenience, comfort, and defiance, I wear running/workout gear both before and after runs/workouts. Is it inappropriate? You tell me. A few examples: 1) running gear in the grocery store; 2) running gear at the mall; 3) running gear in a casual sit down restaurant (before 4pm). What do you think?

4. Running-related Tweets and Facebook updates – What about running related blog-posts?

5. Running Obliviously – Not guilty. WSJ has a point here – it is annoying when runners cruise without regard for anyone else. But, I think cyclists are the real offenders. “On your left!”

6. Reading our own special magazine – Well, I guess I’m in good company. There’s enough reading material on surfing in my home to fill an olympic size pool.

Surprisingly, WSJ isn’t annoyed at runners who take pictures of themselves running. Not that I know anything about that.

Runners, are we annoying?

Runners, are we annoying?


Fellow runners, how many of you are offenders of at least one of these? Be honest now. It’s safe here.

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  • Reply
    03/18/2014 at 3:36 pm

    Well I’m not really a “runner”, but I agree with you on wearing your running clothes out! It’s typically easiest and most convenient for me to run errands after I workout on Mondays. The boys are with me and in ready-to-go mode, and Joes and Growers are right next door so who can resist?! Of course I’m sweaty, gross, and in my workout clothes 🙂 Showers and “real” clothes never come first thing in the morning for me anyways…. That’s a naptime thing haha. I am guilty of the sticker…. I’m thinking the annoying thing just doesn’t apply to runners it’s crossfitters as well!!

  • Reply
    Andrew Spear (@xcspear)
    03/18/2014 at 3:42 pm

    I think I will have to chime in on the cyclist “On your left” comment. Being both a runner and cyclist I have experienced this situation many times. Yelling “On your left” to runners or even slower cyclist will sometimes startle them and for whatever reason they jump to the left causing me to narrowly miss them (Ashlee has heard me vent about this). I now make a judgment call if I say anything when I pass them. But both sides are at fault. There are cyclists that will just pass people (usually the same ones that run red lights and wear headphones) and give no indication they are there. Then runners will run with traffic (listening to music) while not caring what’s coming up behind them.

    • Reply
      03/19/2014 at 1:29 pm

      Agreed, we are both at fault. I guess I’ll take a second helping of “fault” for the times that I clog up the trail with a double-wide jogger.

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