Stairs stairs and more stairs

I love a good stair climb. Which you know by now if you follow me on Instagram. The stairmill, my cardio machine of choice, is a great way to step it up indoors. But, outdoor stair workouts are my favorite. Stadium runs anyone? Yesterday I met a new set of stairs that killed me.

Yesterday I met a new friend (blind-date style) for an outdoor stair workout. There are quite a few stairs in the Northwest Portland neighborhood, but I have yet to explore any of them. On which I blame the Bodenettes.

Anyways, my new FFF (Fun Fit Friend) is no stranger to the NW stairs, so she showed me the ropes. We set up home-base at the bottom of the Summit Stairs. This monster has 154 steps.


We mixed stair climbs with toning exercises. This was our drill:

  1. Warm up: Fast walk up 157 steps, jog to another set of nearby stairs, fast walk up xxx stairs, run along the street back to the bottom of the Summit Stairs.
  2. Intervals: 5 sets of stair runs with toning in between. We mixed the type of climb and switched up the toning moves after each stair run. In case you want to geek out further, here’s some more detail…
    1. Stair climb: single step fast run, double step fast run, double step squat jumps, double step with leg lift, double side step with squat.
    2. Toning moves: thrusters & crunches, single leg deadlift with row & push ups, burpees & Russian twists, tricep dips & deadlift with upright row, tummy tucks & sit ups.
  3. Cool down: repeat warmup, but throw in a set of crazy squat burners at the top of Summit Stairs and walking lunges after the second set of stairs.

That routine took us nearly an hour. I was breathless on all of the stair climbs, but during the toning exercises we recovered enough to chat it up and get to know each other. It was a super fun and totally booty kicking workout. I cannot wait to do it again!

Finally, we walked down to Barista on 23rd, grabbed an almond milk late and then circled back up the hill to our cars. And we hit it off so well that we already have plans to meet up this afternoon, this time with our kiddos!

My favorite quote from the morning was from a fellow stair climber. He was all out of breath, like all of us, at the bottom of the stairs. And he looked at me and said, “these stairs are hard on a fat guy.” Ha! That “fat guy” and his two lumberjack looking buddies were rocking it. I love seeing people sweating it out outdoors.


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    Kellie Berry
    04/27/2015 at 12:04 pm

    Out doors every time!

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