Studio Feature: Full Psycle

To keep my workout routine fresh, I visit local workout studios whenever I have the chance. In fact, if time and money were not an issue (like if I was a Kardashian), loitering at workout studios and fancy gyms would be a tempting hobby. Even with limited resources though, checking out local studios is still doable. (Did you know that many studios offer a complementary first class? What do you have to lose?) Anyways, I made my short list of studios to visit and am going to feature one per month. Without further adieu…


 March Feature: Full Psycle


Locations: Costa Mesa (17th Street & Orange, across from Sprouts) and Huntington Beach (at Bella Terra).

Type of Studio: Indoor-Cycling Studio 

What sets Full Psycle apart from other indoor cycling studios?

  1. Owners (Shelly, Kris and Paul) who know their stuff and enjoy what they do
  2. Full body cycling method (more below)
  3. Performance statistics and competition (keep reading)

What kind of workout can I expect?

On a scale of one (Just Cruising) to ten (Working My Ass Off) it’s a 10. You will work your ass off. Well, either that or you will find yourself coming in last on the leader board (see Did you say “Leader Board”? below). The workout is 45 minutes long and the instructors make every minute count. It’s fantastic. The instructors integrate standard cycling drills (hills, intervals, etc) with upper body toning. Before each class, cyclists grab a set of light weights (1 lb – 5 lb) to use throughout the class. It’s amazing how heavy 3 lb weights feel after a several minutes of tricep kickbacks, overhead presses and bicep curls. Whew! Full Psycle estimates that cyclists burn between 400 and 700 calories per class. Not bad!

Did you say ‘Leader Board’?

Yes, I sure did. Full Psycle has fancy bikes that measure your performance statistics in real time. So, throughout the class, you get feedback (displayed on two large HDTV screens at the front of the room) regarding your power, RPMs and energy. Each bike has an identification number, so you can see your individual performance on the screen… you can also check out the performance of everyone else in the class. Aaaaaaand this is where the competition begins. For most of us, competition motivates performance. Whether you’re competing against yourself, a classmate, the instructor, and/or a PR, you will find yourself working harder in light of seeing your performance statistics. I found the ability to quantify my effort and compete with the class very motivating (surprise surprise).

leader board example (from

leader board example (from

What is the Studio like?

It’s clean, organized and well-equipped. They have bathrooms (of course), changing rooms, lockers, and towels. (Seriously, towel service is a huge perk for me. Anyone else?) One of the major benefits of Full Psycle’s Costa Mesa location is the parking. In addition to street parking on 17th, there is plenty of parking in the lot behind the studio. The high energy, 45 minute classes are popular, so the studio always seems to be buzzing with excitement and friendly (and sweaty) cyclists.

Full Psycle Costa Mesa

Full Psycle Costa Mesa

How about the instructors and staff?

It’s a very welcoming place. Unlike some studios, the front desk doesn’t give off that rushed, chaotic, “too busy for you” vibe. Perhaps it’s because most reservations are made online? Anyways, I like their friendly style. The same goes for the Instructors – it’s clear that they enjoy riding and want you to also. One of my all-time favorite instructors (Meleah Shank) teaches the Monday 5:45am class (early, but so worth it). While each instructor has a different style, the level of rigor and challenging format is consistent.

A few of Full Psycle's Instructors

A few of Full Psycle’s Instructors

Anything else I should know?

  1. The first class is free, so you have no reason not to try it out. Check out the FAQ page for details on how to redeem it.
  2. Cycling shoes (LOOK or SPD compatible) are required. You can rent them for $2 per class if you don’t have your own.
  3. No childcare (for the mamas and papas out there)
  4. The bikes are very close to each other. In other words, brush your teeth and wear some deodorant.
  5. Check out Full Psycle’s FAQ page or watch this short video for more information


The studio is within walking distance of Greenleaf Chop Shop. Full Psycle followed by a meal at Greenleaf sounds like the perfect weekend activity. That is, of course, if I were a Kardashian.

The April Feature is Cardio Barre. Stay tuned!

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    03/26/2014 at 2:50 pm

    Nice! I’ve been to another studio indoor cycle called Flywheel here in Dallas! The leaderboard is definitely a lot of fun!!

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    Meleah Aldana Shank
    03/26/2014 at 9:12 pm

    This is awesome! Thanks Natalie!  Can I copy and paste your blog page?? would love to spread the love and share your excitement!!  Thanks and looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

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      03/26/2014 at 9:44 pm

      Share away, friend! Hope to spin with you another Monday morning soon. Xoxo

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