Surprising Ourselves

I love surprises. Well, not all of them I guess. Like Vera surprising me last night with a fever and frequent crying throughout the night. Ugh. But, I surprised myself this morning with a cool accomplishment. And I love that sort of surprise! I mean, who doesn’t?

After canceling my morning plans with a friend to let Vera rest at home, I set up on the deck for a 30 minute yoga session. I tried a new teacher and class on YogaGlo and highly recommend it. Anyone looking for a quick and fast paced flow class should try out Kathryn’s Non-Stop Flow class. Each pose is held for one breath making for an energizing and sweaty flow. I started with sweat pants, shirt and sweatshirt on and had to strip down to pants and a bralett 10 minutes into it. During the flow, Kathryn had us do some jumps from standing splits and I did my usual thing, expecting a slight balance with one leg straight and one bent. To my surprise, a few jumps in I was able to kick up into a full handstand and hold it. Awe yeah. It felt pretty damn good too. I kept going to finish the class and then repeated the jump practice after to capture some of the success on camera. Sometimes we work work work on one specific thing. But, sometimes we just work work work on many different things. That’s me. I work on many different things in my fitness. Variety is the name of my game. I don’t focus on one specific goal (mile time, pull ups, handstands) – at least not at this point in my fitness. But, the work is meaningful nonetheless. And that is super cool. While I may not focus on my handstand balance specifically, I do work hard on core strength, and overall flexibility, both of which are essential to holding a handstand. (Like these pike crunches with my feet on the ball.) So, keep up the good work friends. Regardless the kind of work, it will certainly pay off. 

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    05/29/2015 at 11:19 am

    Pike crunches! So hard but so good! Haha. Congrats on the handstand!

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