The Babywearing Pitfall

Levi has spent most of his life, all 11 weeks of it, snuggled in a wrap or carrier. Babywearing has been the best option as I’m on the go with the big kids. He stays warm and I get to feel like the ultimate helicopter parent. Win-win! I alternate between the Solly wrap and Ergo. The Solly wins in the cozy department, but isn’t the best for long hauls. For that I turn to the tried and true Ergo. Both keep Baby safe against Mama’s chest, nestled under Mama’s warm breath. Together we sway through the day and I imagine him smiling as he listens to my melodic voice. I’ll tell ya, it’s the perfect 4th trimester environment.

Except. EXCEPT. There is one downfall to resting right under mama’s breath – You hear whatever Mama’s mumbling.

Baby wraps should come with baby ear muffs. Or better yet, a bleep button. Because being under mama’s breath is great and all until mama has more kids than hands. At any given moment, Mama’s angelic voice can quickly morph into that of a sailor. And I don’t mean the Love Boat kind. Because there’s really only one thing to say when Kids 1 & 2 are going rogue, Kid 3 wants to nurse and Mama’s got a full cart of groceries she’s yet to pay for.


I’m genuinely concerned that baby’s first word is going to have four letters and rhyme with Duck. And I’ll tell you right now, it wont be Luck.

Would you look at that! I wrote a post for the first time in 2 months. And it even has 200 words! I’ve got life with 3-kids on lockdown! #sarcasm

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