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Raise your hand if you still have some Mother’s Day shopping to do. Yeah, me too. While She may have said, “spending time together is gift enough”, please go ahead and buy her something! There is still time to find the right gift for that beautiful, graceful, loving mama of yours.

If you’re shopping for a fit mama/wife/grandma/auntie/friend, let this list be your guide. And, to all of you fit mamas, at least you know where to send your husband/kids/clan to get ideas.

For the Runner Mama

runner mama 2

  1. This breezy number is perfection. And so many colors to choose from!
  2. This soft pullover will keep her toasty as she warms up.
  3. Sun on a run isn’t a bad thing. This perfectly cut sprint bra is just right for a sun kissed back.
  4. Her short tan will be totally worth it after running in these no nonsense shorts. Trust me.
  5. Your swift mama needs a pair of shoes that can keep up!
  6. Whether she’s rocking Rage Against The Machine, Beyonce or Kenny G, she will want to give these headphones a listen.
  7. What’s a mom without a visor, right?

For the Yogi Mama

yoga mama 2

  1.  First of all, if your mama don’t have a pair of Wunder Under Crops, you better make that right, Son.
  2. I have been test driving this Manduka mat at Ekam Yoga lately. I couldn’t ask for anything more… except maybe one to call my own 😉
  3. This lightweight tank looks like a dream come true… maybe until you invert, but then again showing a little tummy never hurt nobody.
  4. This little gem will keep the girls behaving in down dog.
  5. Check out this awesome ombre towel! This is for the yogi who sweats (and then slips on their sweat).
  6. Ekam Yoga is offering 20% their classes and packages this month. What a great gift idea for yogis in the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa area! Or for the traveling yogi, how about a subscription to!

For the Training Mama

training mama 2

  1. Just for fun, give her something to take off when she starts to heat up.
  2. Trip her out with a pair of these Kaleidoscope Capris.
  3. Keep her cool in this hypercool tank.
  4. A bounce free zone is just what she needs, and this is her answer.
  5. A high-impact mama needs a shoe that can compete.
  6. Pump up the volume with this travel speaker. And yes, I am sure she will let you borrow it on occasion.

For the Everyday Fit Mama

eryday fit mama 2

  1. Drool fest 2014. These tights are dark in all the right places!
  2. And this vest because not only is she fit, but she is probably a little bad ass too.
  3. When she isn’t lacing up, she can slip these wonders on.
  4. While you’re at Madewell, grab a few of these braided hair bands too!
  5. Sunnies for the fit fab mama on the go.
  6. Make her healthy daily life a lot easier with this friend… I bet she will gladly whip you up that avocado ice cream you have been asking for.
  7. Mama will always be picnic-ready with this beach blanket on hand.
  8. And finally, for those of you in a pinch, order a Whole Foods Market gift card online to save the day!

Do you have Mother’s Day plans? What will you get your Mom?

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