The Fun Fit Friends Workout

Working out is one of my favorite ways to spend time with friends; it’s right up there with drinking wine and hitting the beach. There was a time, not too long ago, that I preferred to workout alone (or so I thought). I was too anxious to workout with friends for fear that I wouldn’t meet their expectations.

“What if they are freaked out by how red my face gets?”
“What if they don’t get as out of breath as I do?”
“What if they think I am out of shape?”
“What if I don’t run fast enough?”
“What if they wish they weren’t working out with me?” 

Man, I have come a long way! More about that evolution later. In the meantime, I must share a super fun playlist and routine I did with friends this morning at the local high school.

Sunday, 7am at Newport Harbor High School. It was as cold as it looks.

Sunday, 7am at Newport Harbor High School. It was as cold as it looks.

Our workout was a mix of laps and two rounds of toning drills. In each round, there were 10 stations that we rotated between. The first round focused on the lower body and the second round hit the core. I reference the drills we did in each round below, but its difficult to interpret without photos. So, if you do this workout, feel free to create your own mix of drills with your favorite moves (i.e. squats, walking lunges, pulse lunges, etc.)

Fun Fit Friends Routine

  1. Warm up with 4 laps around the track (easy run pace to warm up)
  2. Round 1 – 10 drills, 2 minutes each. Our ten drills: Run stairs, Sumo squats, Side stair climb with 180 degree turns (stay in a low squat as you climb two stairs at a time, then rotate 180 degrees and repeat on other side), Cross back lunge, Side lunges, Step ups with step back lunge (60 seconds on each side), Run stairs, Lunge with weighted ball pass and press (60 seconds on each side), Deadlift with kettle bell, Single leg deadlift with a row using dumbbells (60 seconds on each side) 
  3. Two laps around the track – run the first at moderate pace and the second at a fast run pace)
  4. Round 2 – 10 drills, 60 seconds each. Our ten drills: Single leg clock squats (30 seconds on each side), Hip lifts, Plank pikes, Tricep dips, Straight leg kicks, Side plank pulses (30 seconds on each side), Touch touches with weighted ball (lying on your back with legs at 90 degrees), Russian twist with 5 lb dumbbell, Side lying leg lifts (30 seconds on each side), Side press with 10 lb kettle bell (30 seconds on each side). 
  5. One lap around the track (fast run) followed immediately with three runs up the bleachers
Demonstrating the cross back lunge in Round 1.

Demonstrating the cross back lunge in Round 1.

Demonstrating bent press using the kettle bell in Round 2

Demonstrating bent press using the kettle bell in Round 2

Fun Fit Friends Playlist

Unlike many of my playlists, this one does not have a particular order. I hit “shuffle” and let the Spotify Gods determine what was up next.

P.S. Sorry to all the surrounding residents who were within earshot of this energizing playlist. But really, who doesn’t want to hear Snoop Dogg at 7am on a Sunday?

The invitation is wide open for anyone to join future workouts at Newport Harbor HS. Regardless of your fitness level, we can make it work for you. So don’t overthink it, just join in. The more the merrier!

Finishing strong with bleacher runs... so tough after 60 minutes of work.

Finishing strong with bleacher runs… so tough after 60 minutes of work.

What about you? Would you rather workout with friends or solo? 

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  • Reply
    01/05/2014 at 9:30 pm

    working out, drinking wine, and hitting the beach…all my favorite things too. oh yeah, that must be why we are such great friends:)

  • Reply
    Ashlee Spear
    01/07/2014 at 4:13 pm

    Next time I’m in O.C. I am taking you up on this invitation and going to work out with the Fun Fit Friends!

  • Reply
    Ashlee Spear
    01/10/2014 at 12:42 pm

    This Sunday doesn’t work:( But I’d love an NP edition! We can even do it at a high school and get the bleachers in.

  • Reply
    01/14/2014 at 3:02 pm

    I love it! Do you do this every Sunday at 7? If I can get myself up in time I might join you!

    • Reply
      01/15/2014 at 3:24 pm

      Hi Friend! Well, it’s sometimes on Saturdays and others on Sundays. We switch it up, mainly based on the surf forecast. Ha! Would love for you to join us!

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