The Hunt for a Destination Half

Now that I have my first (technically my second) half marathon in the bag, I want to plan the next. One of my best buds just ran one last week and is ready for another too. And the rest of my girlfriends have legs and would agree to join if the race included a fun girls weekend too. So, let the planning/friend coercing begin!

Runner’s World’s list of 10 Destination Half Marathons is a good place to start the brainstorming. I mean, who doesn’t want to run from Napa to Sonoma and then join the wine and music festival at the finish? Or run 13.1 on the Strip (in Vegas) in the dark? Or run the Kauai half and then recover on the beach for days (in my dreams)? All of them sound awesome to me.

Heck, maybe we should just head to Mexico and fit in a few poquito runs. Yeah, I’d settle for that.

What about you, Running Readers? Have you done any destination racing worth raving about?

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