There is a lukewarm beer with my name on it

I am more likely to achieve a goal if I am honest with myself about my plans to sabotage my success. Let’s look at an example.

Goal: only drink alcohol on the weekends.

Sabotage tendency: my somewhat chaotic household becomes an excuse to drink a beer on a Wednesday at 2pm 5pm.

Now, think what you want about my mid-week drinking policy, but it works for me. Sure, I’m not the most fun happy hour partner, but then again, when the heck do I ever go to happy hour? It is helpful for me to give myself a boundary with wine and beer and it cuts my weekly intake in half. Plus, once Friday night rolls around, I am really looking forward to having one (sometimes 2) glass of wine. I find that I drink less on the weekends too because a little goes a long way for this girl.

While I have the best of intentions to stick to my goal, I still find myself wanting to crack a cold one mid-week. Here is where the honesty comes in. If I really want to be successful, how can I set myself up in advance to make a good decision in the moment?

Well, in this case I have found something that works wonders for me. Lukewarm beer is simply gross. There is no way that I would grab a beer if it wasn’t cold (I’m talking purple Rockies cold), so I keep the beer in the garage and let it get nice and warm during the week. On Friday I put a couple beers in the fridge and they are cold as ice when I want one over the weekend. I still haven’t found the way to make red wine less appealing during the week. The best I can do is keep it in the garage and out of sight (out of mind, hopefully). Any better ideas are welcome!

Recently, I found myself in one of those “grab me a cold one NOW” situations on a Tuesday night. I’ll save you the excuses and just jump to the part where there was a cold beer in the fridge. I ended up texting my friends (I guess as some sort of weird confession) this picture at 6pm. And, in case you’re wondering, Trader Jose’ Light is legit.


This same thing goes with anything that I want to accomplish but have the potential to resist in the moment. I have been known to sleep in workout clothes the night before an early morning workout – I mean , really,  what kind of chump wakes up in head-to-toe running gear doesn’t go for a run? It is just the motivation I need sometimes to get my tired self out of bed.

Do you have sabotage tendencies? How have you set yourself up for success?

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    06/13/2013 at 11:06 pm

    Laughed out loud more than oncd reading this. Now put that beer in the fridge.

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    Ashlee Spear
    06/17/2013 at 10:16 pm

    Reading this post as I am downing a bowl of cookies ‘n’ cream, as I’m bummed about not being able to run after work because I am semi-sick. Keep the posts about how to stop sabotage tendencies coming…I need ’em!

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