Today is #WorldAIDSDay, so let’s #endAIDS


Today is World AIDS Day and those who fight have reached an exciting tipping point in the fight against AIDS. The work is not done, but the momentum is gaining. ONE just published a report that details the progress made and the work ahead.

“Quietly, beyond the headlines this year, the world achieved something great: we reached “the beginning of the end of AIDS”. For the last three years, ONE has tracked progress towards this global milestone in an annual accountability report, and this year’s report shows—for the first time in the history of the disease—that the world added more people last year to life-saving AIDS treatment than the number of people who became newly infected with HIV in the same year. This is a huge accomplishment.”

Everyday 650 babies are born with HIV. Join (RED) today on World AIDS Day to get that number closer to zero. Check out Bono’s message below as he describes the medicine that makes it possible.

How can we get involved?

  1. Get smart. Know the issues, the progress and the challenge ahead. Download and read the 2014 One AIDS report to get smart on the subject. Read success stories, like six year old Motselisi whose life was saved at 11 months by lifesaving ARV medicine.
  2. Spread the word. Share what you know with your network of friends and family. (RED) has made it very easy to spread the word on social media. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find ways to spread the word.
  3. Support the cause. Here are a few unique ways to do so between now and December 7th:
    • Apple has turned 25 popular apps (RED) in recognition of World AIDS Day. This means that 100% of the proceeds of these apps will go to support (RED) in their fight against AIDS. Shop these apps at the iTunes store here Apps for (RED).
    • Watch, like or share Bono’s message in this video. Each time this video is shared, Bank of America will donate one day’s worth of AIDS fighting medicine. They will donate up to $1 million. Share it now and let’s get #endAIDS!
    • Check for more opportunities to support the fight to #endAIDS.

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