Trader Joe’s Staples: Pantry Items

This is our second post in the Trader Joe’s Staples series. In September I shared the frozen food items that I love from Trader Joe’s. Let me tell you, those goodies save my tush on many a weeknight. Now, we’re on to the staples that I stock my pantry with. So, without further ado…

Hello, Pantry Staples from Trader Joe’s

  1. Organic canned beans $0.99 TJ’s has a solid selection of organic canned beans. All are grown in the USA and packed in BPA-free cans. My go-to’s are black, refried black, garbanzo, kidney, white kidney and pinto. I use them in salads, soups, chili’s, side dishes and in my kid’s lunches.
  2. Almond butter $7.99 Crunchy, salted is my favorite. I’ve tried a lot of almond butter’s in the past few years and keep coming back to this trusty friend. I use it in oatmeal, in smoothies and on Ezekiel Bread Raisin Toast.
  3. Salsa verde $1.99 I bet we (i.e. my five year old) goes through a jar of this per week. Whether I’m cooking chicken with it, topping tacos or pouring it as a dip, this staple is in daily use. I also keep a jar of the Salsa Authentica ($1.69) on hand at all times too.
  4. Brown rice quinoa noodles $2.99 I stock up on bags of both the spaghetti and fusilli. This is the resounding noodle favorite in our casa. Whether we’re topping it with marinara, pesto or peanut sauce, I get zero complaints from the kiddos or my belly, which can be sensitive to heavy wheat noodles.
  5. Red split lentils $1.69 These lentils cook up in no time at all, well it actually takes about 15 minutes. But in the world of legumes, that’s nothing! I cook them in broth, wine and Italian seasonings. Occasionally I add chicken sausage or veggies to make more of a stew out of it. And shaved parmesan always makes an appearance when we’re eating these too.
  6. Garlic infused olive oil $3.99. The bottle size is small (8.45 ounces), but this stuff packs a potent punch. I add it super sparingly to sautées, marinades or dressings. It does a wonder for flavor without requiring that I peel and press fresh garlic.
  7. Olive tapenade spread $2.99 (8 ounces) A fancy, yet affordable pantry item to keep on hand. I pop this jar when I need to spruce up an appetizer platter, side dish or baked chicken breasts. They also carry one in the refrigerated section that is tasty.
  8. Organic low sodium chicken broth $1.99 This 32 ounce container of broth is my lifeblood because girlfriend has never made homemade stock and doesn’t have any plans to. It’s made from organic chicken and veggies and is perfect for soups or adding flavor to rice and quinoa.
  9. Organic spices $1.99 They stock the staples at a great low price! Sure, their lineup doesn’t include the corianders and herbs de Provence of the spice world, but the essentials are all there for the taking.
  10. Clarified butter $3.29 I’ve been cooking with this stuff lately. Ghee has a super high smoke point like coconut oil but comes with a buttery flavor. I’ve noticed they also added a buffalo ghee to the shelves recently. Has anyone tried that?

Those are my ride or die pantry items. There certainly are other items I grab on occasion from the pantry aisle too, like unsweetened organic apple sauce, yellow mustard and jarred sauces. Occasionally I pick up a bag of rice or quinoa if I am in a pinch. While the quality is fine, I prefer to purchase goods like that from the bulk bins at New Seasons. Oh! And Joe’s O’s ($1.99) are usually in my cart as well.

Is your pantry stocked with any Trader Joe’s goodies? Do share!

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