Trader Joe’s Staples: Snacks and Treats

This is our third post in the Trader Joe’s Staples series. We’ve talked practical stuff like frozen food and pantry staples. Now, it’s time for the fun stuff – snacks and treats! I’ve been relying heavily on snacks these days… because when the breastfeeding hunger hits, girlfriend goes cray. Here are some of my go-to’s:

  1. Just a Handful of Manzanilla Olives $0.99 A fatty and slightly sophisticated snack. Isaac and I usually share some during long car rides. The 1 ounce bag has around ten olives is all.
  2. Just a handful of Simply Almonds Cashews and Chocolate Trek Mix $5.99 I’ve been relying heavily on this little savior lately. I keep a bag in my purse for when the breastfeeding hunger strikes. I like that there aren’t any dried fruits in this mix – it’s just almonds, cashews and dark chocolate. My snack heaven.
  3. Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil $1.99 I pop this bag open when I find myself surrounded by lots of hungry little hands. I usually slice a few apples to go along with the salty popcorn. It’s air popped and topped with olive oil and salt. That’s it!
  4. Just Mango Slices $2.99 We eat a lot of dried mango in this house. I’ve experimented with a few brands at a variety of stores and this one from Trader Joe’s is the returning favorite. The cost is comparable to all the rest, including Costco but the texture and consistency of the TJ’s mango is far above the rest. I like to pack a few pieces in school lunches and snacks or have on hand for a late night sweet tooth. My kids also love the freeze dried strawberries, which aren’t cheap ($3.49 for 12 ounces) considering they polish a bag in one sitting. But still, they’re a great off-season alternative to pricy (and imported) fresh berries.
  5. Roasted Plantain Chips $1.69 A salty snack with simple ingredients – plantains, sunflower oil and salt. My family can dust a bag in no time at all.
  6. Turkey Jerky $5.49 (4oz bag) This is my family’s favorite turkey jerky. It contains zero chemicals and preservatives (except salt) and is delish. I also grab a few Chomp Sticks ($1.59 each) whenever I drop in. My fam likes it and it’s made of 100% grass fed beef. It’s a great snack to stuff in a snowboarding jacket for boost of energy on the chair lift.
  7. Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies $2.79 They’re relatively low in sugar and my kids love them. Also, a little bird told me that if you dip them into your coffee they’re even better. Wouldn’t know. Never tried it. Occasionally we switch it up and get Cats Cookies or Organic Animal Crackers instead. Same deal – low(ish) in sugar and tasty.
  8. Savory Thin Rice Crackers $2.69 I always keep a bag of these in the pantry for the impromptu hummus date with friends or neighbors. They’re gluten free, have a great crunch and the right amount of salt.
  9. Organic Sugar Snap Peas $3.49 My favorite veggie to snack on. Hand’s down.
  10. Marcona Almonds with Rosemary $4.49 The portion is only 6 ounces, so they are a little pricy. But the flavor is so very good! It’s the perfect nut to spruce up a simple appetizer tray.

As anyone whose visited Trader Joe’s knows, there are far more snacks and treats than I have mentioned here. This are just the staples that I usually stick to. In my cart today I added Cheddar Rocket Crackers,  12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers and a box of apple cereal bars for the Bodenettes. I managed to resist temptation and not pick up a box of Dark Chocolate Stars (my ultimate favorite cookie)… if only I could stop at one.

What snacks and treats do you like from Trader Joe’s?

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