Unfamiliar Territory

Latourelle Falls

Unfamiliar territory. That what we’ve been charting for nearly five months now. A new city and state. New houses, neighborhoods, neighbors. Rain. Cold. Trees, lots of trees. Waterfalls and river “beaches”. Friendly, but brand new, faces. A new job for Isaac. A new school for Reece. Self tanner for me. A different daily routine all together.

I’ve tried to set my expectations aside, lest I miss what is really going on because of my preoccupation with what I think should be going on.

My emotions have run the gamut – from exhilarated to paralyzed. From loss to cup-runneth-over blessed. From scared to optimistic. It’s been interesting, exciting and exhausting. But certainly validating and rewarding.

Currently, I am in a place of gratitude and excitement. When we looked to move to Portland, what we really wanted out of the change was just that – a change. And it is. Something to challenge and grow our whole family. And each time I pause to think upon where we’ve been and where we are, I am grateful for so much. But especially the chance to blaze trails alongside Isaac and the Bodenettes.

While some of the territory and routine are becoming more familiar (i.e. Nike, preschool, Portland), most of it is still very new. And yet I’m getting more and more comfortable. It’s not that I’m becoming more familiar, but rather that I’m growing in my comfortability with the unfamiliar. Being confident in who I am and what I want (for me and my family) in the midst of a new reality. And I am glad for that.

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    Jana Thune
    05/28/2015 at 12:12 pm

    Well stated Natalie!
    May your cup forever runneth over!

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