Voices from the I-5

I just got back from a five day road trip with my little big girls. Most of our time on the road was spent with them reading books and watching movies while I listened to a long queue of podcasts. This combination made for some very enjoyable time cruising down the 5 freeway.

If you’re a podcast sort, here are a few highlights from my five days of listening:

S-Town from This American Life and Serial

Something’s happened. Something has absolutely happened in this town. There’s just too much little crap for something not to have happened. And I’m about had enough of Shittown and the things that goes on.

Who We Want to Become: Beyond the New Jim Crow (On Being with Krista Tippet and Michelle Alexander)

The press of our daily lives can make it difficult to imagine alternatives, and to commit ourselves to even small steps towards building a movement that might have some hope of being truly transformational. But all over the country right now people are actually doing that work. In faith communities, in reentry centers, in schools, on campuses, on street corners and barber shops today, people are asking questions that haven’t been asked in a long time, and saying, we don’t want to live in a prison state. How are we going to go about building a movement that can birth something new?

Yvon Chouinard on Patagonia (How I Build This)

This company is the resource that I have. And I that I should use that resource to show a different way of doing business. In fact we now have the largest garment repair center in North America. We’ll repair every single piece of Patagonia no matter how old it is indefinitely. In fact we’ve got a truck that’s going around the country repairing people’s clothes no matter weather they’re Patagonia or not. And we’re trying to teach people that you don’t throw things away, you repair them.

Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment (Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell)

Brown v Board of Education might be the most well-known Supreme Court decision, a major victory in the fight for civil rights. But in Topeka, the city where the case began, the ruling has left a bittersweet legacy. Revisionist History hears from the Browns, the family behind the story.

There is no such thing as being non-political, a Homilie by Richard Rohr

*Richard Rohr!! Even if you do not believe in the Divine, give this man a listen. Hang in there through the spiritual readings (or fast forward) and just listen to his words. He is a lover of people and a promoter of peace.

We live in a state where we might even tolerate a wall being built on our south border and dare to call ourselves Christians. We cannot be silent any longer.

Well, I am a little depressed that S-Town has come to an end. I cannot get enough of the intriguing humanity of those people. Brilliant!

What are you listening to?

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