Watching Exercise Shows (a Beach Babe 3 Review)

Reece made me a sweet card at Preschool. It was a mad-lib style. You know, where they prompt the kids with sentences and then have them fill in the blank? Yeah, one of those. I had never had a mad-lib written about me. It’s darling, embarrassing, semi-accurate and I love it. My favorite sentence is this one:

My mom likes to relax. Her favorite thing to watch on TV is [exercise shows]. 

(For the record, the real answer is: Orange is the New Black/House of Cards/Homeland, but thankfully my girl doesn’t know that.)

Back to exercise shows! Yes, I do love them. And yes, sometimes I watch them without participating. And sure, that is a little odd. But it’s also educational, inspiring and mildly entertaining, okay? (By the way, I fully blame my mom and Jane Fonda for introducing me to this pastime). 90% of the time I am working out along to the video, 9% of the time I am watching as I sweat it out on the stairmill and 1% of the time I am straight chilling with popcorn and sparkling water in hand.

My most recent exercise video purchase is Beach Babe 3 from Tone It Up. The workouts are legit and I find the commentary to be entertaining…for about 20 minutes at which point the girliness wares on me and I get over it… and then 2 days later I forget that how sick I am of hearing the words beach babe and turn on another TIU workout. And this cycle repeats itself in perpetuity. But the workouts are solid and a nice break from my typical NTC workouts, which are the opposite of girly and annoying, but can also be pretty boring to follow along with.

I’ve done all the workouts in Beach Babe 3 and thought I would share my thoughts on each workout. Disclaimer: It’s been several days since I’ve done a Beach Babe 3 workout, so I have no recollection of the annoying girly girl-ness.

Beach Babe 3 Review

The Beach Babe 3 workouts are fun to sprinkle in my workout routine. It may not be my meat and potatoes, but it sure keeps things from getting boring. They offered a digit download this time, which I chose over the DVD, since I can do the workouts at home or the gym. The cost of the download is $37, the DVD is also $37 and the DVD + download is $47.

Tip for digital download: First download the files to your computer. Next, save the files to iTunes and access on all my devices where there’s a wifi connection. Since I want to access the workouts at the gym (which does not have wifi) I downloaded them locally to my phone using the Video Downloader Pro app.

  • Ultimate Bootycall: It’s a great way to get a quick workout in before the day starts, especially if you’re short on time. It’s a HIIT workout that Karena and Karena promise will have you glowing all day, Beach Babe. It’s just over 30 minutes and is good paired with another toning workout, such as Bikini Arms.
  • Beach arms: Karena leads this 15 minute workout. Arms aren’t my forte, so I used 5lb weights (and had to drop to 2.5lb plates for some parts of the routine.) It’s a well rounded arm workout though – biceps, triceps and shoulders. The v-raises had me shaking and cussing up a storm.
  • Carribean Kettlebell: I just did this one this morning using a 15 pound dumbbell. Katrina leads this 30 minute, whole body workout with particular focus on the buns and core. The turkish getups seemed to go on forever though. Ugh. Why can’t I figure those suckers out? I think my inner thighs are going to be screaming tomorrow.
  • Beach Bombshell: Karena and Katrina team up to lead the 38-minute, head-to-toe toning workout. I used a combination of weights (5 – 15 pounds) since it was a whole body workout. I think this workout would work well paired with a 3 mile run.
  • Coconut Core and Booty: This 30+ minute series of moves targeting the “beach booty” and “coconut core”. Hehe. The workout is not as silly as the title, I promise. I used 7.5 lb weights, however will probably increase it to 10 pounds the next time I do this workout. The routine includes standing exercises and moves on the mat.
  • Beach Ball: I like this one! It’s a short, fun and challenging workout. The first time I did it I used 5lb weights but increased it to 8 pounders ever since then. I don’t workout with the exercise ball, so I’m glad to have this workout as a guide. One day I’ll be able to balance kneeling on the ball like Katrina. One day.
  • Stretch and release: Karena guides us through a 15 minute guided stretching routine… Honestly, I’d rather do yoga.
  • String bikini: This 8 minute workout is Karena’s quick toning workout to pair with cardio. I broke my band during the first minute of the workout, so I improvised with 5lb weights.

In addition to the 8 workouts, Karena and Katrina include 3 bonus videos… if you’re in the mood to giggle, go ahead and watch for tips on how to be an ultimate beach babe.

How do you like to relax? Anyone share my love of watching “exercise shows”?

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    06/24/2016 at 6:52 pm

    Yes, I also enjoy watching exercise dvds. My husband harasses me about it all the time, I tell him I’m not sure which dvd I want to do first Haha!

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      06/26/2016 at 9:14 pm

      Exactly! You have to do your research! What are some of your favorites?

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