What-a-Workout: Around the Gym in 60 Minutes

This was me at the gym today.


I was in the groove, lost in the music, doing my thing and feeling so good. Just like my daughter in this picture… except she had her tongue out and was not wearing ear buds. There were three distinct moments during the workout that I could have shouted out loud and thrown my hands in the air. I held the crazy back, but am now wondering why I didn’t just let loose. One of these days I’ll get over myself and let my vocal energy rip. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyways, today I did a 60-minute circuit of cardio work on three different machines – the treadmill, elliptical and stair mill (rotating stairs). For me, enjoying 60 minutes of cardio at the gym is all about the music. So, I put together a playlist to get me in the zone. It did the trick and I had an amazing hour of work and sweat.

A few notes/tips about each of the 3 cardio machines I worked with today:

  • Treadmill – the purpose of the 10 minutes spent on the treadmill is to warm up. I jogged at a pace that I consider my “base jog”. This is a pace that you can run at for a while comfortably. Use the 10 minutes to start a breathing pattern, focus your mind on what you are looking to achieve during the rest of your workout and be mindful of your running form.
  • Elliptical – the elliptical can seriously deliver an awesome workout. It is one of my trusty cross training machines to mimic running without the impact. I prefer to use the machines without arm handles. I move my arms as if I were running and only hold on to the bar if I am working with a steep incline and need a bit of help balancing. In terms of form, keep your shoulders down, chest up, arms relaxed and hands at waist height. Tighten your core and engage your booty.
  • Stair mill (rotating stairs) – this is one of my favorite machines because I can tell it to kick my ass and it will do a very good job. If you haven’t spent much time on this machine, give it a whirl. Play with the settings and find one that pushes you to your limit. Two of my favorite settings are 1) Fat Burner and 2) Calorie Burner. Today, I did Calorie Burner at level 8. Here is what the profile looks like.IMG_4613 Form: shoulders down, chest up, arms relaxed and hands at waist height. Tighten your core and engage your booty. Try not to hold onto the machine and when you do, don’t cling on for deal life, but rather rest your open hands on the machine for balance.

I hope you give this one a whirl! Let me know what you think. If you’re looking for other workout routines and playlists, check them out here, here and here.

Around the Gym in 60 Minutes Playlist

Around the Gym in 60 Minutes Routine

Around the Gym in 60 Minutes

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