What-a-Workout: Sore Tomorrow

The success of a workout is 100% determined by what you invest in it. I am a no nonsense girl when it comes to successful exercise. So, even if it is only five minutes before starting a workout, I come up with a plan or routine. Planning my workouts in advance is my way of telling myself: “this time is important and worth investing in”, “come ready to work it girl”, and “expect good things from yourself”. The plan allows me to establish expectations and manage my effort during the workout. The only deviation from the plan is to increase repetitions, speed or duration. Absolutely no cutting corners or throwing in the towel.

On Sunday night, I planned my workout for Monday morning. Boy, did that planning ever pay off! My hamstrings and glutes are sore today! Whew! Honestly, there is a sense of accomplishment for me knowing that I can kick my own ass.

The approximately 60 minute workout was a personalized booty kicking of cardio and strength intervals. The cardio intervals were all brief, so I kept the intensity high and really pushed it. I used two different Tone It Up workouts for the strength/toning intervals. (If you haven’t heard of Tone It Up, it’s about time you check it out. They have great (and free) workout routines and toning exercises available on their blog. More about Tone It Up later.)

Here is one workout you don’t have to plan yourself! Give it a go!

Sore Tomorrow Routine

  • Cardio – Treadmill: 5 minutes of easy running (comfortable jog pace) to warm up
  • Toning – Using dumbbells (I used 10 lbs) perform this circuit 3 times through: 20 squats, 15 lunges on each leg, 20 sumo squats, 15 push-ups
  • Cardio – Stair Mill: 10 minutes of fast climbing (I used the Calorie Burner setting at level 9)
  • Toning – Using dumbbells (10 lbs for me) perform this circuit 3 times through: Tone It Up Love Your Booty
  • Cardio – Treadmill: 5 minutes of running, increasing the speed from your jog pace by 0.5 every 30 seconds
  • Toning – Perform this circuit 3 times through: Tone It Up Itty Bitty Bikini
  • Cardio – Stair Mill: 5 minutes of fast climbing (I used Fat Burner setting at level 9)

The Tone It Up workouts are also available on the Tone It Up YouTube Channel . When I am at the gym, I pull the printouts up on my phone and follow along that way.

Sore Tomorrow Playlist

This is the playlist I was grooving to. The routine isn’t set to music, but I’ll save you the trouble of planning your own tunes.

What about you? Do you plan your workouts in advance or go more freeform?

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