Words of Gold

Last week I had the good fortune of hearing one of my close friends speak at a moms group I’m a part of. She is a courageous, fun, loving, loyal and strong person. Also, a wonderful mom. Her words were encouraging and challenging. These words in particular were like gold:

You are the unique mom that your unique kid needs.

I heard it and was like, “oh gosh, please say that again.” I didn’t really say that aloud (it wouldn’t have been appropriate in the setting of 100+ women), but I did repeat it in my mind.

You are the unique mom that your unique kid needs.

It sounded even better the second time. I told myself, “again, but this time write it down.”

You are the unique mom that your unique kid needs.

It’s a simple truth, but one I often lose sight of. I lose sight of it not just in my motherhood, but in my personhood too. As long as I can remember, I have compared myself (knowingly or not) to others. As if what I bring to the table, what I embody, who I am should be comparable to someone else’s abilities, talents, and strengths.

Somehow I forget that I am an individual who is unlike any other in the world. Unique. What an awesome privilege. Isn’t this freeing? To be myself and by virtue of that have something to offer that no one else can.

Leaning into this truth means owning my individuality and uniqueness. It means confidently knowing that I have special gifts to share with my family, my friends, my neighbors, and my world. And on the flip side, it means seeking out and affirming individuality in others.

YOU. You are a uniquely and wonderfully made person. You have something to offer unlike any other in this world. Own it. Claim it. Celebrate it.

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